Convert PDF to Word with Review

When you work with digital documents and images a lot, you are going to encounter many different types of files. Two of the more common ones are Microsoft Word documents and Adobe PDFs. And while you can use Microsoft Word 2010 to convert to a PDF from a Word document that you have created, you […]

How to Save Powerpoint File as a Word Document

Microsoft Powerpoint and Word each have their own particular strengths. Sometimes, however, the audience for which you are creating a file might want that file in a format that is actually better suited for a particular program. Luckily Microsoft Office programs all work fairly well together, so there is usually a solution to get a […]

How to Merge Multiple Word Files in Word 2010

Some people like to work on different parts of a large document as entirely separate documents. This allows for individual parts of the file to easily be edited without affecting the rest of the information in the document. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a hassle to print each of these files individually, and […]

How to Change Margins in Word 2010 from Inches to Centimeters

Last updated: March 15, 2017 Everyone has different needs when it comes to working with Microsoft Word 2010, but sometimes those needs might extend into areas that you would not expect. However, Microsoft gives you a lot of ways to customize their popular word-processing program, and changing the units of measurement is one of the […]

How to Draw a Circle in Word 2010

There are a lot of different types of files and objects that you can insert into Microsoft Word 2010 documents, and some of them are simpler and more useful than you might expect. We have previously described how to take a screenshot in Microsoft Word 2010, but not everything that you add to a Word […]

How to Change Background Color in Word 2010

Last updated: March 13, 2017 The default background color in Microsoft Word 2010 is white for new documents. But not every document that you create will need or want a white background, and existing documents that are emailed to you might already have a background color that was changed by that document’s creator. One of […]

How to Save as .doc Instead of .docx by Default in Word 2010

Last updated: March 13, 2017 Microsoft introduced a new default file type with Office 2007 that changed the standard Word document type from .doc to .docx. It added some new features to the document and improved the types of edits that you could make. Unfortunately it also made it much harder to collaborate on documents […]

How to Do a Grammar Check in Word 2010

Word 2010 is a powerful word-processing program not only because of the different ways that you can customize a document, but also because of the utilities that you can use to check the contents of that document. You might be aware of the spell check feature, which has become a common part of most data-entry […]

Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Word 2010

Screenshots are a helpful way to show someone something on your screen, particularly if it is something that might be difficult to find or recreate. In fact, we use many screenshots in every article that is written on this site. If you are familiar with taking screenshots, then you know that the process can be […]

How to Embed Fonts in Word 2010 Files

Most Windows 7 computers come with a similar list of fonts that are installed on them by default, and this is the list of fonts from which Microsoft Word 2010 will pull the fonts that are available for use in that program. If you want to install a new font, then you can follow the […]