Increase AutoRecover Frequency in Word 2011

Losing data when your hard drive crashes is a very unfortunate event that can be devastating if you haven’t backed up that data. But there are less disastrous crashes that can cause you to lose data that hasn’t been saved in a while, such as when you are typing a document in Word 2011. In […]

How to Add a Background Picture in Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 is a full-featured word processing program that allows you to customize your documents in nearly any way that you can imagine. While this is often done through document formatting and the inclusion of media objects, you can also customize the background of the document with a watermark. Word 2013 has some basic […]

How to Check for Passive Voice in Microsoft Word 2010

A word processing program in today’s day and age needs to be more than just a basic text editor. It needs to have tools that allow you to add content from the Internet, it needs access to templates that make document creation easier, and it needs tools that can check your work for mistakes. Microsoft […]

How to Customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2010

Anyone that had been comfortable with the appearance and layout of Microsoft Office programs was in for a bit of a shock the first time they used Office 2007 or Office 2010. The navigational system had changed entirely, and now incorporated a “ribbon” with a series of different menus. It also features a Quick Access […]

How to Add a Row to a Table in Word 2010

Ideally we would all be able to create all of our tables, grids and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately that is not the case, and you will occasionally find yourself working with tables in Word instead. Because this is a word processing program and not a spreadsheet one, many of the actions you take in […]

How to Remove the Border from a Text Box in Word 2010

While the default entry method for Microsoft Word is typically the best option when you want to type text in a document, certain formatting requirements or document layouts may require you to utilize other methods. One of these methods involves using text boxes to position or format the layout of your information. But the default […]

How to Hide Table Gridlines in Word 2010

There is a difference between borders and gridlines when you are talking about tables in Microsoft Word 2010. Borders are solid lines that are displayed when you print the document, while gridlines are only shown on screen as a means to show you the structure of the table. However, if you are editing a Word […]

Paste Data as a Picture from Excel 2010 to Word 2010

Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel, are generally pretty compatible with one another. If you need to get data from one program to another, there is likely a way to do it. But, in some cases, there are actually multiple ways to transfer data between the two programs. One less-often used method is […]

Change AutoRecover File Location in Word 2010

If you have been using Microsoft Office programs for a while, then you know that certain situations can occur, such as a power outage or a program crash, that could cause you to lose your unsaved work. This risk can be mitigated through the use of the AutoRecover feature in Word 2010, which will automatically […]

Set Landscape as Default Orientation in Word 2010

The default settings in Microsoft Word 2010 are based upon years of research that Microsoft has performed to determine which settings are most commonly used by people working with the program. However, while default settings might indicate the preference of the majority of users, there is still a large minority that would prefer that something […]