How to Sort Alphabetically in Word 2013

When you need to sort or organize data in Microsoft Office, you might typically think that Excel is your best option. However, if you are creating a Word document and you have a list that needs to be sorted, it can be inconvenient to need to switch to Excel and do it in there instead. […]

How to Save as a PDF in Word 2013

While Microsoft Word is a very popular program and most people have a way to open the files that it creates, there are still many instances where someone either prefers a PDF, or can only view a PDF. It used to be somewhat complicated to convert a Word .doc or .docx file to the PDF […]

How to Number Pages in Word 2013

Whether you are writing a long document for use at a business, or you are finishing an assignment for school, there’s a good chance that someone reading that paper will need to be able to know what page they are on. In many cases these page numbers will be a requirement for your assignment, so […]

How to Replace All Occurrences of a Word in Word 2013

Last updated: December 14, 2016 Sometimes you will make a mistake when you are typing a document, but you won’t realize your mistake until long after it has already happened. Going back and manually fixing that mistake can be time consuming if it has happened a lot, and you may inadvertently miss something. Fortunately Word […]

How to Remove the Page Number from the First Page in Word 2013

Last updated: December 16, 2016 Different teachers and professors often have their own preferred way for receiving documents. Microsoft Word 2013 makes this simple to accommodate by offering a wide range of options for customizing the appearance of your document. But sometimes you will need to implement something into your document where the method for […]

How to Change the Default Font in Word 2013

Customizing the settings in a Microsoft Office is program is a great way to give yourself a sense of ownership when you are using the program. One effective way to do this is simply by changing the default font for new Word documents. Whether you are doing this because you dislike Word’s default font or […]

How to Move the Header Up in Word 2013

Longtime users of Word are likely to be familiar with the different ways to affect the layout of their document, including setting the margins and adjusting the orientation. But you can go a long time using Office without realizing that you can define a header, let alone that you can set the distance that the […]