select the center option

How to Vertically Center Text in Word 2013

If you have been formatting the content in a document that you are creating for work or school then you may have needed to change some of the alignment. If so, then you most likely found the Left, Center, and Right Alignment options in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. But you probably noticed … Read more

how to show text boundaries in word 2013

How to Show Margins in Word 2013

The margins that you set for a document in a word processing application like Google Docs or Microsoft Word can be pretty important. Your school or organization probably has some kind of formatting requirement that dictates the size of these margins, as it’s a useful place to include notes when others review your work. But … Read more

how to underline blank spaces in word 2013

How to Underline Spaces in Word 2013

Many of the formatting changes that you want to apply in a Microsoft Word document can be achieved by selecting the text that you want to modify, then clicking the appropriate button for the desired type of formatting. But occasionally you will encounter a specific situation where the usual formatting methods don’t seem to be … Read more

how to add page borders in word 2013

How to Add a Page Border in Word 2013

You might be familiar with working with borders for your cells in an Excel spreadsheet, but other types of documents can have borders, too. One such type of document is one that you create in Microsoft Word. The Microsoft Office word processing application provides many design options, including some tools that allow you to put … Read more

how to outline text in word 2013

How to Outline Font in Word 2013

Word 2013 has a lot of formatting capabilities for the text and images that you include in your document. Some of the more basic ones, like Bold, Italics, and font style changes are things that most Word users become familiar with early on, but there are other formatting options that you might not have cause … Read more

how to toggle case in word 2013

How to Toggle Case in Word 2013

Some of the changes that you will want to make to a Microsoft Word document can seem pretty easy to accomplish. You’ve probably already changed the font or text color of some text in your document, and you may have changed the margins or background. But if you have ever needed to use a different … Read more

two spaces after period on word 2013

How to Add Two Spaces After Period in Word 2013

Microsoft Word has an impressive editor menu where you are able to define the parameters that the application uses when correcting spelling and grammar in your documents. One of the options you have lets you define the amount of white space that should be included after a period. So if you would like to use … Read more

how to print the background color in word 2013

How to Print Background Color in Word 2013

Microsoft Word documents let you select a page background color from a Colors dialog box, allowing you to view the document with that color on your screen. But the default printing options in Microsoft Word have a feature disabled on the Word Options menu so that you aren’t able to print background colors or images … Read more