specify the file size

Can Word 2010 Save as a PDF?

The PDF file format is popular for the universality of how it appears on different computers, in different programs. PDF files can also be opened directly in many Web browsers, which makes them convenient for files that are being posted to websites. But if you have been editing and creating files in Microsoft Word 2010, … Read more

select the final or original option

How to Hide Track Changes in Word 2010

We have previously written about how helpful change tracking can be in Microsoft Word 2010 when you are collaborating with others on a document as a team. But occasionally the document will need to be shown to someone outside of the team, and the change markup can be ugly, distracting, and confusing. So you might … Read more

select the times new roman font

How to Make Times New Roman Default on Word 2010

Last updated: January 9, 2017 A good font is often a matter of personal preference, and what is preferable to one person may not be preferable to another. Questions and issues with fonts are common among Microsoft Word 2010 users, as document formatting for specific institutions can vary. It is not always easy to remember to … Read more

minimize the ribbon

How to Hide the Ribbon in Word 2010

The Office ribbon was introduced as a new navigational system in Microsoft Office 2007. It features several tabs that offer a wide variety of options, such as the ability to add comments to a document, change the document layout, and add things like pictures or videos. It has stuck around in Office 2010, 2013, and 2016, … Read more