How to Change a Wireless Network Security Key in Windows 7

Windows 7 does a great job of remembering the security and password information for wireless networks to which you have connected in the past. But you might run into some problems if you have connected to a network at one point while you have your computer, but the security key or password for that network […]

How to Zoom in on Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is the default drawing and image editing tool in Windows 7 and, despite its’ basic appearance, is actually capable of some pretty impressive actions. However, you may think that Paint is limited in its’ functionality based upon the default view that is available when you first begin using the program. But if you […]

How to Optimize a Folder in Windows 7

Windows 7, like many previous versions of the Windows operating system, gives you a couple of different folders by default that are meant to store certain types of files. If you elect to use these default folders then you can give yourself a very simple method for locating certain types of files. It will also […]

How to Change What the Power Button Does in Windows 7

There are many different ways that people manage their computers when they are done using them. Some people like to turn off their computers by choosing to shut it down, while others prefer to put the computer in “Hibernate” mode so that it does not need to fully boot the next time it is turned […]

How to Change Screen Resolution for Windows 7

Screen resolution is not something that a lot of people think about until it becomes a problem. But, when your screen resolution is incorrect, it can be very difficult to look at your monitor and, therefore, get any work done. Earlier versions of the Windows operating system required several steps in order to adjust the […]

How to Create a Control Panel Icon on the Desktop in Windows 7

The Control Panel is an extremely useful set of tools that you can use to customize nearly every setting or experience on your computer. But, if you access it frequently, or prefer to use your Desktop as the primary source of navigation for your computer, then clicking the button on the Start menu might seem […]

How to Move the Taskbar Back to the Bottom of the Screen in Windows 7

Last updated: January 5, 2017 You may be wondering how to move the taskbar to the bottom of the screen if you have turned on your computer and found that it is currently located at the top of the screen, or one of the sides. Different people prefer different taskbar locations, and Windows 7 makes […]

How Do I Hide the Taskbar in Windows 7

If you are working with a lot of different windows on your computer, then you know that screen real estate can be at a premium. And if your work often extends below the fold at the bottom of your screen, such as when viewing a long Web page, then you know that the Windows 7 […]

How to Hide the Recycle Bin from the Desktop in Windows 7

People use their desktops in Windows 7 in a variety of ways. Some people like to save everything to their Desktop, because they know how to find it easily and can memorize where a file is located based upon its’ physical position on the Desktop. Other people like to keep the Desktop as clean as […]

How to Uninstall a Program in Windows 7

Whether you have been using your Windows 7 computer for a long time, or have just purchased a brand new computer, you will inevitable need to learn how to uninstall a program in Windows 7. Many new computers come with unwanted programs called “bloatware” that you will never use, or that you will end up […]