How to Restore Hidden Desktop Icons in Windows 7

Last updated: December 16, 2016 You may wonder how to restore hidden desktop icons in Windows 7 if someone else has hidden them as a prank, or if you accidentally hid them when making a different change to your desktop. The Windows 7 desktop is often used as a starting point for many Windows users, […]

Where is My Windows 7 Taskbar?

The Windows 7 taskbar provides an easy place to access your running programs, your Start button and any quick launch icons that you may have there, such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer. But the taskbar can be hidden, which can be confusing if you rely on it for much of your […]

How to Change the Desktop Picture in Windows 7

The desktop on your Windows 7 computer is the first thing that you see after you log into Windows, and it is one of the locations on your computer that you probably interact with the most. You may have spent some time selecting a background from one of the many default options available in Windows […]

How to Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 7

The desktop is one of the most frequently accessed locations for many Windows users, and people like to put shortcut icons and files there because it is easy to remember the location. Many programs will also install shortcut icons on the desktop by default, in another effort to improve usability of their product. But this […]

How to Put Files on a Flash Drive

If you work on multiple computers, or if you need to take files to another location to have them printed, then it’s important to be able to easily move or transfer files. Flash drives (often called thumb drives or USB drives) provide an easy solution to this problem. But if you have a flash drive […]

How to Set the Default Printer in Windows 7

Most modern printers include helpful installation programs that will almost completely configure the printer so that it can be used effectively on your computer. This usually includes something that sets that printer as the default printer on your computer. The default printer is the one that automatically shows up as the selected printer when you […]

Faster Way to Rename Files in Windows 7

The right-click shortcut menu in Windows 7 is very useful and once you start using it, you will find that it becomes your preferred method for performing actions on files or folders. I had always used right-click and Rename when I wanted to change the name of a file or folder, but this method can […]

How to Create a Dropbox Shortcut on Your Desktop in Windows 7

Dropbox is the perfect choice if you need to access files on your phone, tablet and computer. It syncs files to the cloud, which can then be accessed on any compatible device. And if you have taken advantage of the ability to install the Dropbox app on your Windows 7 computer, then you probably realize […]

How to Remove the Windows Media Player Icon from the Taskbar

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen in Windows 7 is a great place to put links to programs, because it is always visible. The default Windows 7 installation comes with a couple of icons in the taskbar by default, including Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player. But as you start adding […]

How to Add a Favorite Location in Windows 7

Windows Explorer is the application that opens whenever you have a folder open in Windows 7. It can be accessed quickly by clicking the folder icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. If you haven’t noticed, or if you haven’t been using them, there are a number of helpful shortcuts in the […]