How to Make Spotify Not Open on Startup in Windows 7

Last updated: April 12, 2019 Music programs like iTunes and Spotify are popular options for managing and listening to music on your computer. But, like many programs that you install in Windows 7, Spotify will attempt to configure itself to start automatically whenever you log into your Windows account. This behavior can make your computer […]

How to Remove the File Name from a Printed Document in Windows 7 Notepad

Notepad is a free text editor included with every copy of Windows 7, and it provides a very basic tool for creating and printing text documents. But you may find that Notepad is printing the file name at the top of the page, which can be problematic for your needs. Fortunately this is a setting […]

Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 7?

The Trash Can or Recycle Bin icon in Windows has been a┬ápart of desktop computer layouts for years. Deleted items went there, and you could drag and drop files onto the icon if you didn’t need them anymore. The Recycle Bin can be hidden in Windows 7, however, leading to a lot of wasted time […]

General Guidelines for Printer Troubleshooting

We have written about working with several specific models of printers, such as the HP Officejet 4620 and the Officejet 6700, but there are so many different models of printers on the market, with so many different issues, that what works for one printer might not work for another. So if you have a printer […]

How to Get Windows Explorer in the Windows 7 Taskbar

There are a lot of different ways to navigate through Windows 7, but one of the ones that I use the most is simply clicking the folder icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This opens Windows Explorer, which I can use to locate files and folders that I need. But it […]

How to Set a Password for Your User Account in Windows 7

Are there other people in your house or office that you do not want to be able to use your computer? One simple way to restrict access in Windows 7 is to set a password for your user account. This password will need to be entered each time someone turns on your computer, or attempts […]

Stop Java from Asking to Install the Ask Toolbar in Windows 7

For anyone that uses Java on their computer and regularly installs the updates, the need to uncheck the option to install the Ask toolbar can be tedious. But if you manage a number of computers on your network that are used by other people, then you have likely encountered users that inadvertently install a Java […]

How to Change the Name of a Flash Drive in Windows 7

Do you have multiple flash drives that you use for work or school, and you find it difficult to differentiate between them? This problem can be amplified if you have multiple flash drives of the same type, which can lead to problems where you accidentally bring the wrong flash drive with you when you need […]

How to Delete Everything on a USB Flash Drive

Is your USB flash drive becoming very full, and you need to use it to store or transport other files? The solution to this problem is to delete the current files off of the flash drive to make room for new ones. The fastest and most effective way to do this is to format it. […]

How to Format a USB Flash Drive to FAT32 in Windows 7

USB flash drives can be used with electronic devices other than your computer. Some set-top streaming boxes and video game consoles can read and store files on a flash drive, but they can require the drive to be in a particular format. If you have connected your flash drive to one of these devices and […]