How to Change the Mouse Pointer Color in Windows 10

The mouse cursor that you see on your screen in Windows 10 is something that a lot of people take for granted. Typically it’s something that you won’t give much thought, and it’s likely that you simply accept that it looks the way that it does. But you actually have some control over the appearance […]

How to Show or Hide the Search Field in the Windows 10 Taskbar

Many recent versions of Windows have had a search field either in the taskbar or on the Start menu. It’s always been helpful, but the Windows 10 iteration that is tied into the Cortana feature is pretty great. But if you don’t like that search field, or if you want to use it and it’s […]

How to Wirelessly Connect to Another Display in Windows 10

Connecting from a laptop to a TV has long been possible with the help of things like HDMI and VGA. Simply connect the appropriate cables from your computer to your TV, switch the input, and you can use your computer on that TV. Now, however, it’s possible to wirelessly connect to compatible displays and view […]

Windows 10 – Remove Google Chrome Most Visited Sites When Right-Clicking

Google Chrome and Windows 10 both want to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish the things you are trying to do. Whether that’s putting helpful features and information right in front of you or optimizing their performance to run faster, the experience of using these two applications together is pretty good. […]

How to Add a Touch Screen Keyboard Icon to the Windows 10 Taskbar

Many of the laptop computers that have been purchased in recent years have touchscreens. This gives users the option to navigate their machines either through a combination of a keyboard and mouse or by simply tapping on the screen. Depending on the style of touchscreen computer you have, it might be possible to use it […]

How to Disable Cortana on the Lock Screen in Windows 10

The Cortana feature on your Windows 10 computer allows you to speak into your computer’s microphone and perform certain actions without even typing or clicking anything. If you use Cortana a lot, you may find that there are many situations where you can perform an action more easily than if you were to do it […]

How to Enable the On Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

While your can use the built-in keyboard on your laptop or a wireless, Bluetooth or USB keyboard on a desktop or laptop, you may encounter a situation where none of those are a viable option. Luckily your Windows 10 computer also has something called an on screen keyboard that will display a keyboard on the […]

How to Set the Time Zone Automatically in Windows 10

Your Windows 10 computer is able to perform certain actions and change certain settings based on your location. However, in order to do that, it needs to be able to use your location information to provide you with the type of data that is relevant to where you currently are. One of the things that […]

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

Dark mode settings have become popular choices for programs like YouTube and Twitter, as the switch from a bright white background to a black or dark gray color can be much easier on the eyes. Additionally, as the name implies, it also makes screen much easier to look at in low-light environments. But there are […]

How to Change the Default Mail App in Windows 10

Your Windows 10 computer has a number of different default settings that it adheres to when you perform certain actions. One of the most commonly-encountered defaults is the Web browser. If you haven’t changed this setting, then it’s likely that Microsoft Edge is the default browser, and clicking on a link in a different program […]