How to Stop Hiding the Taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen in Windows 10 provides a quick way to access certain applications and utilities on your computer. It also shows the apps that are currently open, enabling you to switch between them easily. But some people elect to hide the taskbar because they don’t need it visible all […]

How to Enable High Contrast Mode in Windows 10

Do you have trouble reading text and looking at images on your computer because all of the colors seem to blend into one another? This can make for a miserable computing experience, and may prevent you from having as much fun or being as productive as you would like. While you have many options for […]

How to Only Allow Apps from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Does your computer get used by other people, some of whom might make questionable decisions or click things they shouldn’t? While you can take steps to limit the capabilities they have with their user account, you can also enable a feature where apps can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. By blocking program installation […]

How to Uninstall Skype in Windows 10

There are a few applications that are probably on your Windows 10 computer that you didn’t install yourself. These apps are either included with the Windows 10 installation, or they are added by your computer’s manufacturer. One of these applications is probably Skype, which is a popular tool for communicating with people. It has voice […]

How to Personalize Start Folders in Windows 10

When you click the Start menu at the bottom-left corner of your screen in Windows 10 you are able to access almost everything on your computer. Part of this access includes some shortcuts in the left column of the Start menu, such as Settings, Pictures, People, and more. This section of shortcuts can be personalized, […]

What Does Task View Do in Windows 10?

The taskbar at the bottom of your Windows 10 screen provides access to a number of different apps and features that can improve your experience on your computer. One of these items is called Task View, and you might have heard someone talk about it before, or wondered what it did. The Task View option […]

How to Update Other Microsoft Products in Windows 10 When You Update Windows

Your Windows 10 computer may also have other Microsoft products installed on it, too. These applications, much like the ones that you might also have on your mobile device, occasionally require updates. If you are tired of needing to individually update other Microsoft products when your computer is already installing Windows updates, then you might […]

How to Keep the Screen from Turning Off on a Windows 10 Laptop

Preserving the battery on a laptop is an important element of using one when you are in a situation where you aren’t able to charge it. Windows 10 realizes this, and will typically turn your screen off after a certain period of inactivity. Since the screen is one of the biggest drains on your battery […]

How to Remove the Numbers from Taskbar Icons in Windows 10

The icons in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen on your Windows 10 computer provide quick access to your programs. By simply clicking an icon, such as the envelope, you can open a commonly-used program, such as Mail. But you may have noticed that some of the icons have numbers on them, and […]

How to View Pictures as a Slideshow in Windows 10

Do you have a number of pictures in a folder on your Windows 10 computer, and you’d like to view them all as a slideshow? This is something that’s available to you in Windows 10, and it doesn’t require you to use any additional expensive applications. You are able to use a helpful feature within […]