How to Save Word 2010 Files to SkyDrive By Default

If you have followed the instructions in this article to set up a Skydrive account with your Windows Live ID and download the app to your Windows computer, then hopefully you are enjoying the ease with which you can add files to your SkyDrive account. These files are stored and accessed in a way that […]

How to Get More SkyDrive Storage

If you have just recently signed up for a Microsoft SkyDrive account, then you probably have 7 GB of storage space. This is a good amount of space for storing images and documents but, if you intend to store multimedia files in your SkyDrive account, or if you want to back up your computer to […]

How to Upload Large Files to SkyDrive

Anyone that creates a SkyDrive account right now gains access to 7 GB of free storage. You can use this space to store almost any type of file that you wish, and there are many ways to get those files to your SkyDrive account. But if you want to learn how to upload large files […]

How to Delete Pictures from SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a great choice for storing files that you either need to access on multiple computers or from mobile devices. The files are stored “in the cloud” on Microsoft’s servers, and you can access them from anywhere that has a Web browser or a SkyDrive app, along with an Internet connection. SkyDrive is also […]

How to Change SkyDrive Sharing Permissions

If you have emailed someone a link to a file that is stored in your SkyDrive account, such as through the instructions in this article, then you have created a permission for that person to access that file in your SkyDrive account. That permission will remain intact until you remove it, so your recipient will […]

How to Email SkyDrive Files from iPad

Microsoft’s SkyDrive application has recently taken a considerable turn for the better with the release of their PC and mobile apps. These apps make it possible to access files in your SkyDrive cloud storage directly from your devices, without needing to sign into your SkyDrive account through a Web browser. The iPad SkyDrive app is […]

How to Upload Folders to SkyDrive

If you have ever attempted to email a folder or upload a folder to an online storage service, then you know that it does not work. Typically, if you wanted to upload an entire folder’s worth of files to a cloud storage service like SkyDrive, then you would have to zip the folder, then upload […]

How to Backup to SkyDrive from Windows

Now that Microsoft has made it possible to add a local folder for SkyDrive on your computer, there are a number of exciting options that you can take advantage of, particularly when it comes to using SkyDrive as a backup destination. I have not been shy about my love of CrashPlan in the past, so […]

SkyDrive Folder in Windows 7

Microsoft has recently made some updates to their SkyDrive online storage option that makes the service much easier to work with. In addition to offering more free storage than most of the other popular cloud storage services, you can now get a SkyDrive folder in Windows 7 to easily manage the files that you have […]