How Do I Know Which Roku to Buy?

If you’ve decided to purchase a set-top streaming box so that you can watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or any of the other video streaming service out there, then you have surely come across the name “Roku.” They’ve been a leader in the industry since before video streaming was very popular, and each new […]

How Does the Roku 3 Work?

“How does the Roku work?” This is a question that you might find yourself asking when looking for ways to stream video on your television. If you have a subscription to a video streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, then you likely have a way to watch that service on your television, or […]

Roku HD vs. Roku 3

Roku has been around for several years, but had previously existed in a market that had less of an audience. But as streaming services, broadband Internet and wireless home networks become more common, the Roku has started to make its’ way into more and more homes. Every Roku model can be purchased for less than […]

How to Access a USB Drive on the Roku 3

The Roku 3 offers a large number of free and paid content channels that provide you with many viewing options. You can even use an app like Plex to stream content from your computer to the Plex channel on the Roku 3. But if you have your videos, music and pictures stored on a USB […]

Roku 3 vs. Roku 2 XS

As the popularity of video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant continue to grow, the need for people to be able to easily watch this content on their television is growing as well. There are many options available to you when it comes to watching streaming video content on a larger screen, such as […]

How to Change the Display Type on the Roku 3

Your Roku 3 has a default HDMI connection, which makes it possible for you to watch high-resolution content on your TV. This high resolution begins with 720p resolution but, if you have a television that is capable of 1080p resolution, you may want to change the resolution setting on the Roku 3 so that you […]

How to Delete a Channel on the Roku 3

The menu and navigation system on the Roku 3 is very easy to use, and you have the ability to install many new channels directly from the device. But it gets more difficult to maneuver through your channels when there are more of them, and there is a strong likelihood that you will not want […]

Video and Music Streaming Service Availability by Device

When you are thinking about getting a device that you can connect to your TV to stream video and music, one of the most important things to consider is whether that device supports the services to which you already subscribe. But it can be difficult to find that information across the Internet, so we’ve created […]

Pros and Cons of the Roku 3

In our review of the Roku 3 we concluded that the Roku 3 was among the best available set-top boxes on the market. It’s a fast, affordable device that is easy to use. But if you are still undecided about purchasing one, then it can help to see a list of the pros and cons […]

Roku 3 Review

“It’s so much faster than the other Rokus” This was my first observation once I started using the Roku 3. I’ve had a Roku in each of the previous generations, but this one outclasses all of them. Now that I’ve had a chance to set it up and start using it, I can give a […]