change number of recent documents in publisher 2013

How to Change the Number of Recent Documents in Publisher 2013

Depending on how you manage the files on your computer, you may or may not like to use the navigation options inside your applications. If you have found yourself looking at the list of recent documents in Publisher 2013 and either wanted more or fewer of them listed there, then you might be wondering if … Read more

how to insert a text box in publisher 2013

How to Insert a Text Box in Microsoft Publisher 2013

While you may be accustomed to creating documents in Microsoft Word, there is another application in the Microsoft Office suite called Microsoft Publisher that can help, too. Publisher can be a little difficult to start using, but it’s a very effective way to create documents or projects that might not work well in the traditional … Read more

how to switch between portrait and landscape in publisher 2013

How to Switch Between Portrait and Landscape Orientation in Publisher 2013

Like other Microsoft Office products that you use, Microsoft Publisher allows you to customize many of the elements of your work. One thing you might find that you need to change is the orientation of the document, as certain projects will require different orientations. Fortunately Publisher gives you the option of selecting between portrait and … Read more