Stop Automatically Selecting Entire Word in Powerpoint 2010

While Powerpoint 2010 is primarily a visually-focused program, you will need to do some text editing while you are using the application. Thankfully Powerpoint employs many of the tools and utilities that you find in Microsoft Word 2010, which drastically simplifies this process. However, there are some settings in Powerpoint 2010 that you might find […]

How to Insert Slides from Another Presentation in Powerpoint 2010

If your job requires you to make a lot of Powerpoint presentations about similar topics, then you have probably already created a slideshow or single slide that might be useful in other presentations. But recreating that slide, particularly if it contained a lot of different elements, can be a bit of a hassle. Powerpoint 2010 […]

View Your Powerpoint 2010 Slideshow in Grayscale

One of the best things about Powerpoint 2010 is how easy it is to insert images and videos into the slides in your presentation. They give you an additional medium to use to convey your information, while also allowing you to improve the appearance of your slides. However, most image or video files are in […]

How to Add a New Font to Powerpoint 2010

While there are many, many options for adjusting the way that elements and objects look in your Powerpoint 2010 presentation, perhaps one of the simplest ways to improve the look of your slideshow is changing fonts. But while there are a good assortment of fonts that are included by default with your Windows 7 installation, […]

How to Duplicate a Slide in Powerpoint 2010

Last updated: March 9, 2017 You might need to know how to duplicate a slide in Powerpoint 2010 if you have a presentation that includes multiple slides that have a very similar structure, or if you need to use the same slide in other slideshows. This feature can save you some time and some frustration, […]

How to Exit Slide Master View in Powerpoint 2010

The Master Slide in Powerpoint 2010 is similar to a template, as it stores information about layout items and themes that are shared by every slide in your presentation. Every presentation has its’ own master slide, even if you have not actively created one. This is the most efficient way to make universal changes to […]

How to Change All Instances of a Font in Powerpoint 2010

Choosing the right font for a Powerpoint 2010 presentation is an important aspect of how your entire presentation will eventually look. Unfortunately the correct font can vary depending upon the rest of the elements that are in your slideshow so, if you make a change to the background or design, your existing font might no […]

How to Rotate an Image in Powerpoint 2010

Powerpoint 2010 slideshows are typically improved when you add media elements, such as images. However, many people that create or edit images for use in Powerpoint presentations are accustomed to editing their images in a different program, such as Microsoft Paint. While an image editing program is still necessary for more advanced edits, there is […]

How to Print a Frame Around Slides in Powerpoint 2010

When you are printing your slides in Powerpoint 2010, either for your own records or as handouts for your audience, it can be difficult to tell where one slide ends and another begins, particularly when you are printing a large number of slides on one page. This problem is multiplied even more if your slides […]

How to Print an Outline From Powerpoint 2010

Last updated: March 9, 2017 Learning how to print the outline view in Powerpoint 2010 is a valuable skill for someone that spends a lot of times working with Powerpoint presentations. Many presentations can be incredibly large, and printing out every slide can be both unwieldy and unproductive. But the outline view in Powerpoint 2010 […]