How to Unhide a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Slides in a presentation in Powerpoint 2013 can be hidden for a number of reasons. But if you elected to hide a slide rather than delete it, then you may have anticipated that you would need it again in the future. If you are now in the situation where you need a hidden slide to […]

How to Remove Slide Numbers in Powerpoint 2013

Slide numbers in a Powerpoint 2013 presentation can be useful to both you and your audience as a way to keep track of which slide contains certain information. But there are certain situations where slide numbers might be incorrect or confusing, or simply not aesthetically pleasing, so you would simply prefer to remove them from […]

Get a Word Count in Powerpoint 2013

If you are creating a Powerpoint presentation as part of an assignment for class, then you might have a word count requirement that you need to reach. But there is not a handy counter at the bottom of the screen like there is in Word 2013, so you need to find the word count in […]

How to Email One Slide from Powerpoint 2013

When you are collaborating on a Powerpoint presentation with someone, a common way to divide the work is for different individuals to work on different slides. Periodically throughout the course of the project, however, you will need to share progress on individual slides. Rather than send the complete presentation, you might be looking for a […]

How to Use a Laser Pointer in Powerpoint 2013

Have you recently watched a Powerpoint presentation and noticed that the presenter’s mouse looked like a laser pointer instead of a typical mouse cursor? This isn’t a special add-on or additional feature that this person has added to their computer, but is actually part of the default installation of Microsoft Powerpoint 2013. In our article […]

How to Stop Compressing Images in Powerpoint 2013

Many Powerpoint presentations will use images to make the slides more visually appealing. But if you are including hi-res images directly from a digital camera, then these images can have very large file sizes. Powerpoint will typically compress these images inside of your presentation so that the overall file size of your Powerpoint file is […]

How to Create a Table in Powerpoint 2013

A Powerpoint slideshow is a type of document that is meant to be shown to an audience to convey a piece of information. While many presentations will simply focus on presenting this information as efficiently as possible, you may find that you need to take additional steps to present data that can’t be listed as […]

How to Save a Powerpoint 2013 Slide as a Picture

Do you need to create a picture with text on it, or with a group of objects that you cannot assemble in another program? Powerpoint 2013 offers a lot of control over what you put on your slide, and can serve as one of the best image editors on many computers. So if you have […]

How to Hide a Selected Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Powerpoint presentations are typically created for a specific audience, which will dictate the information that you include on your slides. But sometimes you will need to¬†show a presentation to two different groups, one of which does not need to know the information that is included on one of your slides. Rather than delete that slide, […]

How to Delete a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Presentations can be difficult to create, as you are often trying to establish a delicate balance between being informative and entertaining. So while a slide may have initially seemed good for inclusion in your presentation, you may have decided that you need to delete that slide instead. Fortunately it is simple to learn how to […]