Select a Color Range in Photoshop CS5

There are many options available to Photoshop CS5 users when it comes to making a selection. For example, you can change the default rectangular selection to a circular one. But a lot of these options require you to manually choose the items that you want to include in the selection. Sometimes you need to make […]

How to Feather a Selection in Photoshop CS5

There is a lot you can do with a selection in Adobe Photoshop CS5. We have detailed ways to change the shape of the selection in the past, but you can actually modify your selection no matter what the shape is. One way to do this is by feathering a selection in Photoshop CS5. This […]

How to Blur the Sides of an Image in Photoshop CS5

You can produce a lot of interesting effects in Adobe Photoshop CS5 by using the options on the Filter menu. There are so many different filters and ways to configure those filters that the possibilities are almost limitless. And when you combine those filters with different types of selections, you can perform what may seem […]

How to Make a Circular Selection in Photoshop CS5

Making selections in Photoshop CS5 is one of the tasks that you will perform frequently. It is an effective way to crop an image, remove a section from one layer and move it to another, or simply remove a large segment from an image. For many of these tasks, the default rectangular marquee is well-suited. […]

How to Convert a Text Layer to an Image in Photoshop CS5

One simple way to add some personalization to an image you are creating in Photoshop CS5 is through the use of a unique font. It can completely change the way an image looks, without requiring any advanced artistic skill. Unfortunately, if you are working with someone else on the file, or if you are sending […]

How to Save All Open Images in Photoshop CS5

Photoshop CS5 is capable of employing the use of tabs for you to work on multiple images at once. This is beneficial when you need to copy elements of an existing image into a different image, or if you need to apply a change to a bunch of images at once. You can also take […]

How to Open Multiple Images as Layers in Photoshop CS5

Many of the designs that you create in Photoshop CS5 are going to involve the combination of different images or image elements into one large image. This is typically accomplished through the use of layers, which are essentially stacks of different images contained in one Photoshop file. If you are going to be creating a […]

How to Reset a Workspace Panel Layout in Photoshop CS5

After you have used Adobe Photoshop CS5 for a length of time, you will have opened and closed a number of different panels. Panels are the items at the right side of the Photoshop window that can display layer information and text options, as well as the history of your image and any recorded actions. […]

How to Save for Web and Devices in Photoshop CS5

Photoshop CS5 is the perfect program for designing and editing most images. There are so many different ways that you can modify or create an object that it could take years to become a true expert with the program. Unfortunately, all of the different styles and layers that you add to your image can generate […]

How to Copy a Layer from One Image to Another in Photoshop CS5

While many pictures that you create or edit ih Photoshop CS5 will be unique, there are also situations where you might have two different versions of the same image, or you might have two images that share one same element. If that element is included as its’ own layer in a Photoshop image and has […]