backup outlook 2010 using the import export tool

How to Backup Outlook 2010

Last updated: January 5, 2017 It’s important to know how to backup Outlook 2010 if it is your primary method for storing emails and communicating with your contacts. This is especially true if you’ve done a lot of customization (such as the creation of distribution lists) that would be hard or impossible to replicate. A … Read more

find the location of pst file on the account settings menu

Location of PST File

Switching computers or backing up the files on your computer requires you to locate and copy the files that are important to you. As an Outlook user, there are probably not a lot of files on your computer that are more important than your Outlook PST file. The location of PST file on your computer, … Read more

you can backup everything in Outlook, not your your Outlook contacts

Backup Outlook Contacts

The information that you have stored in your email inbox can be pretty valuable, particularly if you use that email address for work purposes. While you may have a system in progress to backup your email messages, have you implemented a system to backup Outlook contacts? The ways that you reach people, as well as … Read more

Click the Advanced tab, then change to port 587

Fixing Outlook After Switching Internet Service Providers

Typically when you switch Internet Service Providers (ISPs) there is little to do aside from replacing a modem and sending your money to a different place. However, there can also be an unfortunate side effect that prevents you from sending email through Microsoft Outlook 2010. This occurs because your new ISP is blocking a specific … Read more

Click Delay Delivery

How to Delay Message Delivery in Outlook 2010

Occasionally when using Outlook to send email messages, you may encounter a situation where you need to delay message delivery in Outlook 2010. Outlook includes a “Delay Delivery” feature that makes this possible. Whether the content of the message is something that is time sensitive (such as a mass email going out to a distribution … Read more