how to disable the pop-up blocker in microsoft edge

How to Stop Blocking Pop Ups in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge Web browser is the default option for visiting Web pages in Windows 10 and, as such, is quickly becoming one of the most popular browsers around. It shares many similarities with Microsoft’s old browser, Internet Explorer, but is different enough that you will likely need some time to become accustomed to it. … Read more

how to change the start page in microsoft edge

How to Open to a Specific Page in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge Web browser replaced Microsoft Internet Explorer in Windows 10, and many people are now using that browser for the Internet surfing instead. While it does have some elements in common with Internet Explorer, you may find yourself having trouble changing certain settings in Edge. Fortunately most of the browser settings that you … Read more

how to get microsoft edge on the iphone

Microsoft Edge Now Available for the iPhone

Windows users that prefer the Microsoft Edge Web browser on their desktop or laptop computer can now continue using the app on their iPhones. Microsoft has made the Edge browser available in Apple’s App Store, alongside other popular iPhone browser choices such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. If you are excited to start using Edge … Read more