how to make text messages bigger on the iphone

How to Make Your Text Messages Bigger on the iPhone

The iPhone does a very good job of maximizing the limited amount of space that is visible on the screen. However, the default text size can be very difficult to read, often causing you to squint when you are reading anything that includes the default font size, such as text messages. Fortunately you can increase … Read more

how to move an app on the iPhone

How to Move Apps on the iPhone

Installing new apps from the App Store can be really addictive, as there are tons of fun and useful apps available. But your iPhone will install new apps in available space on your home screens, meaning that the last app that you installed might be on your fourth home screen, which can make it a … Read more

how to open a new tab in safari on an iphone

How to Open a New Tab in Safari on an iPhone

Tab browsing was a great update for desktop computers, and it is equally useful for Web browsers on your smartphone, such as Safari. Using different tabs for browsing allows you to have multiple Web pages open at the same time in one program, which is helpful for a lot of reasons. But the default Safari … Read more

how to delete skydrive from the iPhone

How to Uninstall SkyDrive on the iPhone

Microsoft’s SkyDrive service allows you to store files in the cloud, which you can then access from nearly any device with an Internet connection. This makes it a simple process to share files between different computers, phones or tablets. There is even a dedicated SkyDrive app for your iPhone, which provides a simple way to … Read more