How to Delete a Picture from the iPhone Dropbox App

The Dropbox app on the iPhone is one of the easiest ways to transfer your iPhone pictures to a computer. The automatic upload feature means that you can simply launch the Dropbox app, and any new pictures on your Camera Roll will be uploaded to your Dropbox account. But it is very easy to run […]

How to Delete a Saved Password on an iPhone in Safari

Last updated: February 14, 2017 You might need to learn how to delete a saved password from your iPhone if the Safari browser is automatically completing it. Whether the password is incorrect, or you simply don’t want anyone with access to your iPhone to be able to use your password, there are many situations where […]

How to Delete a Keyboard on the iPhone 5 in iOS 7

The iPhone has support for multiple different languages, and you can switch between many of them directly from your phone. One simple way to include a secondary language on your device is to add a keyboard in another language. But if you find that you do not use the other keyboard very much, and that […]

How to Use OneNote on the iPhone 5

Microsoft’s OneNote application is a very useful way to store notes and data in the cloud and access them from various devices. OneNote offers compatibility with a number of different applications on your computer, and it is very easy to store documents from those applications in various OneNote workbooks. Fortunately there is a OneNote app for […]

How to Reduce Motion on the iPhone 5

Battery life is a big issue with the iPhone, and heavy users may find that they are often unable to get through an entire day without needing to charge their device. This can be inconvenient, and lead to a poor experience with the device. There are several steps that you can take to improve your […]

5 Great Travel Accessories for Your iPhone 5

A smartphone is becoming an invaluable tool for an ever-increasing percentage of the population. But its’ utility can be amplified when you are on vacation or traveling for work. So it is a good idea to have an arsenal of tools available to you that will allow you to use your iPhone to its’ fullest […]

How to Search a Web Page in Safari on the iPhone

Google does a great job of searching Web pages for text that you enter into their search engine. But if you are looking for a specific bit of text on a very large Web page, it can be difficult to find it once you are browsing the search result. An easy way to search for […]

How to Text Message a Web Page Link in Chrome on the iPhone

If you are browsing the Internet in the Chrome browser on your iPhone, you may stumble across a page that you think another person should see. But it can be difficult to describe to someone how to find a Web page, so the simplest option is to send a link to that person that leads […]

How to Turn Off Lock Screen Alerts in 2048 on the iPhone

The 2048 tile game is a lot of addictive fun, and it is easy to spend hours trying to get to those higher number tiles. But if you have not played the game in a while, you might have noticed that the game is displaying alerts on your lock screen asking you to come back. […]

How to Watch Crackle on the Chromecast with an iPhone

Crackle is a very popular streaming video service, largely due to the fact that it is free. This comes at the expense of ads during your videos, but still offers a convenient way to watch a number of movies. Crackle is also compatible with Google’s Chromecast, which means that you can watch Crackle videos on […]