How to Turn Off the Personal Hotspot on the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is a device that is capable of a surprising amount of functions. Along with making calls, sending text, using apps and browsing the Internet, it can even share its’ cellular data connection so that other devices can access the Internet. But this feature can use your battery very quickly, plus all of […]

How to Share Internet from the iPhone to the iPad

Most iPhone cellular plans require you to have a data plan. The iPhone relies heavily on data for email, apps and Web browsing, and it would be severely limited without any data access. The iPad, however, is sold in two different varieties. One type of model has a data plan like the iPhone, but the […]

How to Print to the Officejet 4620 from an iPhone

Wireless printing is a useful option to have when you have a lot of devices and computers around, but you do not need to have a printer attached to all of them. Not requiring a connected cable for printing means that any device which can communicate with that wireless printer can use it to print […]

How to Copy and Paste on the iPhone 5

Copy and paste is one of the most useful features of a computer, simply because it prevents you from needing to retype something that already exists. Not only is it a time saver, it can also help to minimize errors that can occur during data entry. The iPhone 5 has a copy and paste function, […]

How to Use Pandora on the Chromecast with an iPhone

The Google Chromecast is a small, simple, affordable device that integrates into your life by using the things that you already have. It uses your iPhone as a remote control, and it plugs into an HDMI port on your TV. The Chromecast also works seamlessly with your favorite apps, including Pandora. So if you have […]

How to Install the iOS 7.1 Update on an iPhone 5

If you received a message on your iPhone, or if you notice a red circle on your Settings icon with the number “1” in it, then it’s time to install an available iOS update. The iOS 7.1 update was released today, March 11, 2014, and has a file size of 214 MB on the iPhone […]

How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card on an iPhone 5

iTunes gift cards are very popular, due to the high number of people that have iPhones, iPads and iPods. The value on the gift card can be used to purchase music, movies, TV shows and ring tones, making them great gift options for people that buy those things anyway. But it is not immediately obvious […]

How to Add Gmail to an iPhone 5

Google’s Gmail email service is one of their most popular products, and it is one of the best free email providers available. So if you are using a Gmail address for your email and you have an iPhone 5, then you probably want to set up the account on the device so that you can […]

How to Delete a Gmail Account on an iPhone 5

You can configure many different types of email accounts on your iPhone, including most of the more popular email providers. Among the email accounts that can be configured on an iPhone is a Gmail account. But if you no longer use your Gmail account and do not want to see any more new messages for […]

How to Switch between Email Accounts on the iPhone

The Mail app on your iPhone has a folder format that makes it possible to navigate between multiple folders and even email accounts. But it also groups all of your emails into an All Inboxes folder where you can simultaneously see all of the messages in all of your email accounts. This might work for […]