How to Disable Stand Reminders on the Apple Watch

There is a big focus on exercise, wellness, and other health-related activities on the Apple Watch. The device includes several built-in features that specifically target your health by encouraging you to move, or to minimize the toll that some common activities can have on your overall physical state. One of these features is a type […]

How to Remove the Email Signature on the Apple Watch

Apple devices are able to sync with your email account so that you can read and send emails from that device. By default, each of these devices will append a “Sent from my iPhone” signature (or whatever device the email is being sent from.) Since you are able to send emails from your Apple Watch, […]

How to Draw in a Text Message on an iPhone 7

The iOS 10 update made some significant changes to the Messages app, including the ability for you to send some additional types of messages. One of these new message types is called “Digital Touch” and allows you to create drawings and send them to your contacts. It’s a fun tool that you may find to […]

How to Password Protect Your Notes on an iPhone 7

The Notes app is a great place to keep information that you will need to reference later. But some of this information can be very sensitive, and you may not want it easily accessible to anyone that has access to your phone. Fortunately your iPhone in iOS 10 has the ability to lock notes, which […]

How to Alphabetize Notes on an iPhone 7

The Notes app on your iPhone is a great way to keep track of information. Whether you have a running list of items to pick up at the grocery store, or you have an idea that you want to remember later, the Notes app is a great place to save that information. If you are […]

How to Turn Off the Passcode on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can contain some fairly sensitive information, so one of the initial steps when you first set it up involved creating a passcode. This passcode needs to be entered each time you put the watch on your wrist, which is a helpful security measure in the event that your watch is ever stolen. […]

Which Version of Watch OS is on My Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch uses an operating system called Watch OS. This is a special version of Apple’s software that was designed specifically for Apple Watch hardware. Like most operating systems, Watch OS periodically receives updates that add new features and fix existing bugs. If you are attempting to do something on your Apple Watch and […]

How to Turn Off Breathe Reminders on the Apple Watch

There are a lot of fitness and health related functions on the Apple Watch, and most of them work silently in the background. You may get an occasional update on your physical activity for the day, or you might get a reminder that you should get up and walk around, but most of these notifications […]

How to Disable the “Hey Siri” Feature on an iPhone 7

Siri is a feature on the iPhone that was introduced several years ago, and she can perform an impressive number of different functions on the device. In fact, you can do nearly ever important task on your iPhone without touching the screen. Recently another level of convenience has been added to the iPhone, where you […]

Why Is There a Share Option Instead of an X When I Try to Delete an iPhone App?

Deleting apps from your iPhone has long been one of the best ways to reclaim storage space. Most iPhone owners will inevitably encounter a point where they need to start deleting apps from their device, and the process has involved tapping and holding an app icon, then touching the x on the icon to delete […]