How to Enable the “Reduce Motion” Option on an Apple Watch

The battery life on the Apple Watch is quite good, in comparison to your iPhone or iPad, but it will still only last a couple of days between charges. The exact length of time that the Apple Watch battery lasts will vary based on usage but, if you use your watch a lot, then you […]

How to Flag an Email on an iPhone 7

Some emails that you receive through the Mail app on your iPhone will be more important than others. If one such email contains information that you want or need to view on a regular basis, then you may be looking for a way to mark it or save it in a location that is easy […]

How to Set the Home Page in the Firefox iPhone Browser

The Safari browser on your iPhone is deeply ingrained into the functionality of your iPhone, and is generally a fast and responsive browser. But if you use a third-party browser on your laptop or desktop computer, and you have an account with the browser that allows you to sync data across devices, then you might […]

How to Send an Animated GIF in a Text Message on an iPhone 7

The Messages app received a lot of new features with the iOS 10 update, including the ability to send animated GIF files via text message or iMessage. Animated GIF files are a special type of image file that can cycle between multiple image “frames” to show movement. There is a special section in the Messages […]

How to Download a Netflix TV Show Episode to Your iPhone

One of the biggest complaints from Netflix users used to be the inability to watch content offline, but that complaint has now been alleviated. iPhone Netflix users can now download videos directly to their iPhones, which they can then view without being connected to the Internet. Our guide below will show you how to download […]

How to Make the Apple Watch Screen Brighter

The battery on your Apple Watch is able to last a couple of days with normal usage. This average usage time can vary, depending upon a number of different factors. One of these factors is the brightness of the screen. Powering the illumination of the screen is one of the more battery-intensive activities for almost […]

How to Use the Reading List in Safari on Your iPhone 7

You probably encounter Web page links in a number of different ways throughout the day. They can come via email, in social media, or simply as you enter search terms into Google. You might want to read a lot of the information that these links contain, but there are only so many hours in a […]

How to View Pictures in Emails on Your iPhone 7

Many of the emails that you receive in your inbox are probably some kind of newsletter or advertisement. These types of emails will typically include pictures, and these pictures are usually stored on the Web server of the company that is sending the email. But if you can’t see those images in the emails, then […]

How to Prioritize an App Update on an iPhone 7

Using the automatic app update feature on your iPhone will typically do a good job of spreading out your app updates. This means that you won’t often encounter a situation where you are unable to use an app because it is queued up to receive an update. But that situation can still arise, which might […]

How Can I Stop My iPhone Apps From Updating Automatically?

It is not at all uncommon to have 100 apps on your iPhone. There are a lot of apps that are installed on your device by default, and there are so many useful apps that are so easy to download, that you will eventually think nothing of trying out a new app. You can read […]