How to Open a Safari Link in a New Tab in iOS 9

The Safari Web browser on your iPhone is one of the most commonly used Web browsers in the world, and many websites have taken steps to ensure that their sites look good for people that are viewing their content on a smaller screen. It is very common to place links on Web pages, where people […]

How to Show the GPS Icon When iPhone System Services Request Your Location

If Location Services is turned on for your iPhone, then you have probably become accustomed to seeing the small arrow at the top of your screen. This is displayed whenever an app is using your location, or has recently used it. But your iPhone is probably using your location more frequently than that, as your […]

How to Turn Off Text Message Sounds in iOS 9

If you send and receive a lot of text messages on your iPhone, especially when you are in a quieter environment such as work or school, then all of the sounds that are associated with those messages can be unwanted. Fortunately you have the ability to customize the text message sounds on your device, even […]

How to Delete All Songs from an iPhone in iOS 9 or iOS 10

Last updated: December 30, 2016 You may eventually discover that you need to delete all of the songs from your iPhone if you are running low on storage space for other music, videos, or apps. Depending upon the number of songs that you have saved to the device, it is entirely possible that the size […]