how to setup ipad for wireless sync

How to Setup iPad Wireless Sync

As Apple has continued to update the iOS software as well as iTunes, they have added some exciting new features meant to improve user experience with their devices. One such feature is the ability to sync content from your iTunes library to your iPad without needing to physically connect the device to your computer. The … Read more

how to share photos between android and ipad

How to Share Photos Between Android and iPad

Android devices and iOS devices both offer a ton of useful features between them, and it is very common for people to have combinations of devices that run both operating systems. However, the available methods for transferring files between an Android phone and an iPad are generally rather clumsy and require some creativity. For example, … Read more

change iCloud settings for the options listed

How to Change iCloud Settings

the iCloud service that’s part of your Appel ID provides you with a lot o useful settings. But if you need to change some of them, you may not know how. Our tutorial below will show you how to use a Windows application to manage and change your iCloud device settings. How to Use Different … Read more

Complimentary PC Programs for your iPad

Your new iPad is a very functional device, capable of performing most of the tasks that you would otherwise be performing on your desktop or laptop PC. However, unless you are planning on switching over entirely to the iPad, you will need to install some programs on your PC to help prepare files for the … Read more