How to Change the Brightness on Your iPad 2

Your iPad 2 has a number of its’ adjustable settings configured with both performance and battery life in mind. One configurable option that factors heavily into both of these aspects of your iPad experience is the screen brightness. Increasing the brightness can make it simpler to see certain objects on your screen and improve the […]

How to Change the Wallpaper on Your iPad 2

You can customize a lot of the elements on your iPad 2. While you think that this might be limited to the applications and files that you transfer to the device, there are also certain aspects of the iPad’s appearance that you can adjust. One thing that you can do is learn how to change […]

How to Turn on Closed Captioning for Videos on Your iPad 2

Storing and watching video files on your iPad is a good way to pass the time while you are commuting or stuck someplace where you need to kill time. But if you are somewhere that you are unable to turn on the audio and you do not have headphones, or if you are hearing impaired […]

How to Adjust Slide Time for iPad 2 Slideshow

The iPad 2 is a great device for viewing pictures that you have either transferred to the device or taken with the integrated camera. Its’ excellent screen and picture frame-like appearance make it ideally suited for viewing images. The images that you have on the device can all be accessed from the Photos app that […]

How to Change the Icons at the Bottom of My iPad Screen

When you first get your iPad, it has a bunch of icons for programs that are on the device by default. These programs represent the core functionality of the device, and the icons are configured in a way that Apple has determined will be the most useful for the majority of people. This includes placing […]

How to Email SkyDrive Files from iPad

Microsoft’s SkyDrive application has recently taken a considerable turn for the better with the release of their PC and mobile apps. These apps make it possible to access files in your SkyDrive cloud storage directly from your devices, without needing to sign into your SkyDrive account through a Web browser. The iPad SkyDrive app is […]

How to Sync Files from Computer to iPad

Apple’s iPad is a very versatile device, and the versatility that it features comes from its’ ability to open and play a number of different files. You can get these files on your device in many different ways, but the majority of your media files, such as music, videos and images, will likely be synced […]

How to Setup iPad Wireless Sync

As Apple has continued to update the iOS software as well as iTunes, they have added some exciting new features meant to improve user experience with their devices. One such feature is the ability to sync content from your iTunes library to your iPad without needing to physically connect the device to your computer. The […]

How to Share Photos Between Android and iPad

Android devices and iOS devices both offer a ton of useful features between them, and it is very common for people to have combinations of devices that run both operating systems. However, the available methods for transferring files between an Android phone and an iPad are generally rather clumsy and require some creativity. For example, […]

How to Set Up RCN Email on iPad

If you have RCN as an Internet provider, then you receive an RCN email account that you can use freely. These accounts include the extension “” and can be accessed through a Web browser at However, these email addresses are also compatible with POP3 programs, such as Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Mozilla Thunderbird. This […]