How Do I Restart My iPad

Sometimes you need to restart your electronic devices. This is just a simple fact of living in a digital world. Everything is supposed to work correctly forever, but certain programs or applications can occasionally create an issue that can only be resolved by resetting or restarting the device. And while people may think that their […]

How to Turn off iPad Camera Shutter Sound

We have previously discussed how to turn off the keyboard sound on your iPad that occurs whenever you type a letter. Because, as excellent a device as the iPad might be, it does have some default settings that can become a bit of an annoyance. Among these little annoyances is the sound that your iPad […]

Disable iPad 2 Location Services

Your iPad has a Location Services section on the Settings menu that you can configure to allow programs to determine your location. The data that is collected can be used to provide location specific information to your apps, and is also used if you activate a feature like Find My iPad. But some people are […]

Configure iPad Dropbox App to Automatically Upload Pictures

The best part of using a Dropbox account is the fact that you can access the files in that account from anywhere that has Internet access. You can really take advantage of that fact by immediately uploading files from your computer, phone or tablet to Dropbox so that the file is there if you need […]

How to Create a Bookmark in Safari on the iPad

It’s easy to remember the URL of a website that you visit all the time, like or, but typical searching patterns will inevitably lead you to sites that you have never visited before. If you find good information on that site that you think you will need to use at some point in […]

How to Turn Off Keyboard Sounds on Your iPad 2

The iPad brings a lot of functionality to a small device that you can easily carry around throughout your day. The screen is big enough to allow for easy viewing, but not so big that having the device around becomes cumbersome. But this portability creates situations where you are using your iPad in public, which […]

How to Turn off Netflix Subtitles on iPad 2

The Netflix app on your iPad 2 has a terrific user interface, and any setting that you would need to configure is available to you whenever you touch the screen while a movie or TV show is playing. One of the options you can set is the display of subtitles or closed captioning while the […]

How to Do Private Browsing on Your iPad 2

Apple’s Safari browser is used on all of its Internet capable products, including the iPad. It is a powerful, full-featured browser that offers most of the settings and customization options that you would find in other Web browsers on your computer. One important element of the Web browsing experience is the ability to protect your […]

How to Update Multiple iPad Apps at Once

One of the more popular activities to do on an iPad is find fun and exciting new apps. Many of them are free, and they can offer interesting new utilities or games to pass the time. But, as problems with an app are found or new features are added, those apps will need to be […]

How to Turn off Javascript on the iPad 2

Javascript is one of the more commonly used scripting languages on the Internet, and many of the applications and tools found on websites incorporate its’ use into their design. However, some people prefer not to allow Javascript to execute in their Web browsers, either due to personal preference or potential security concerns. Like most other […]