How to Enable Restrictions on the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is a good device to give to a child that is old enough to be able to handle it. There are a lot of entertaining games and learning activities that can be freely downloaded to the iPad, and the device is sturdy enough to stand some short drops and assorted minor bumps […]

How to Exclude Messages from Spotlight Search on the iPad

If you have started to use the Spotlight Search feature on your iPad 2, then you know how helpful it can be. This application allows you to search all of the content on your device for information, even if you do not know exactly where it is stored. And if you have configured your iPad […]

How to Enable FaceTime on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 comes with a FaceTime app that enables you to make a video call to people that are using other iOS devices. You can add phone numbers and email addresses to your FaceTime account, enabling people to reach you through FaceTime via any of those phone numbers or email addresses. But FaceTime is […]

How to Change the Password on Your iPad 2

The default setting on your iPad 2 will require you to simply move the slider from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen anytime you wish to unlock it. This is convenient and prevents the accidental launch of an app or change to a file. However, it also means […]

How to Show More Emails in the Mail App on Your iPad

If you are a heavy email user, then you know how quickly messages can accumulate in your inbox. Some people are really good at managing their inboxes and are able to minimize the number of messages that are stored within them, but there are those of use that just allow emails to accumulate there. Whether […]

Always Show Your Bookmarks Bar in Safari on the iPad

If you have been using an iPad, then you know that it is more than just a bigger phone. The apps and size of the device make it very easy to perform many of the tasks for which you would otherwise need a laptop, so it is likely that you will start to use it […]

How to Transfer Pictures Between iPhone and iPad Using iCloud

One of the best reasons to use only Apple products is the simple integration that you gain access to because of their integrated environment. Whether it involves the ability to access all of your purchases made in iTunes across all of your devices, or easily backing up all of your data through iTunes, Apple has […]

How to Check How Much Space is Left on Your iPad

Managing storage space on your iPad is an important part of owning the device, particularly if you have a lot of movies and TV shows that you want to keep on the tablet. This is made even more troubling due to the fact that the amount of space inside the iPad is fixed, meaning that […]

How to See What Software Version is on Your iPad 2

Apple updates its’ iOS software on a fairly consistent basis. And each version of the software brings new improvements and features that improve the usage experience for a lot of iPad, iPhone, iPod and MacBook owners. But not everyone actively follows iOS software updates, so it might not always be information that you think of […]

Setting a Password to Unlock Your iPad

Are you sick and tired of someone else constantly using your iPad? Or are you worried about the security of personal information that is stored on the device? Then maybe you need to consider setting a password to unlock your iPad. This is a security setting that you can configure from the Settings menu on […]