How to Reset the Home Screen Layout on the iPad 2

There are a number of ways to easily change the layout of the app icons on your iPad 2. Whether you are simply reorganizing apps to make your favorite ones more accessible, or you are changing the apps in your dock, you can have a home screen layout that looks nothing like the default setting […]

How to Turn Off Auto Correction on the iPad 2

While typing on the iPad 2 is easier than typing on a lot of other touch screen devices, Apple still includes several features that are meant to make it even easier. Among these option is Auto Correction, which will offer a suggestion of a word that you are trying to type if the text that […]

How to Turn Off the Email Notification Sound on the iPad 2

If you haven’t changed the default notification sounds on your iPad 2, then you hear a sound whenever you receive a new email message to one of the accounts that you have configured on the device. If you receive a lot of emails, or if you have multiple accounts set up on your iPad, then […]

How to Lock Your iPad 2 in Landscape Orientation

The iPad is pretty adept at correctly orientating itself based upon how it is being held. But sometimes you will find that you want to force the iPad to remain in a certain orientation, regardless of how it is being held. Luckily the iPad 2 has a feature that allows you to lock the orientation […]

Take a Picture of the iPad 2 Screen

You’ve probably seen images of iPad or iPhone screens that have almost perfect resolution and no glare. These pictures were not taken with a second camera, but rather directly from the device. This is called a screenshot, and is a built-in feature on every iPad. Learn how to take a screenshot on your iPad using […]

Restrict Netflix to Wi-Fi on the iPad 2

Having an iPad that can connect to cellular networks is great when you are traveling. You can access Internet resources from almost anywhere, ensuring that you are never out of reach. But you can also use features like Netflix, which can make a pretty large dent in your monthly data allotment when it is used […]

How to Email Multiple Picture from the iPad 2

Setting up an email account on your iPad 2 is a good idea not only because it allows you to read emails, but also because you can use it to send files from the device. This makes it one of the easiest ways to transfer pictures to a computer, as you can even send emails […]

How to Turn Off Lock Sounds on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 makes a lot of sounds. Whether these sounds are meant to alert you that a new message has just been received, or to provide feedback that an action has been performed, many users find them helpful. But there are certain sounds, such as the one that plays anytime that you lock or […]

How to Show Battery Percentage on the iPad 2

The battery life on the iPad 2 is excellent, and you will find that you often get up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. Unfortunately the remaining battery life is indicated by a battery icon that is partially filled, based upon the amount of life that remains. This method that Apple […]

How to Delete TV Show Episodes from the iPad 2

The iPad 2 makes it very simple to purchase music and videos, install new apps, and take pictures. Unfortunately this also makes it easy to fill up the limited amount of space on the device. If you need to update multiple apps on your iPad and you are getting an error message that you do […]