How to Use a Picture as Wallpaper on the iPad 2

If you are coming from a computer background that is mostly focused on Windows computers, then you are likely used to being able to customize most of the elements of your screen. The options available on the iPad are not as numerous as they would be on a Windows 7 computer, but you will find […]

How to Print Pictures from the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 is capable of replacing your computer in many ways, but easy printing is not one of them. You may have frustratingly tried to print things in the past, only to wonder how something as basic as printing could be overlooked on an otherwise excellent device. However, many of the apps that you […]

How to Forget a Network on the iPad 2

There are a lot of different ways that your iPad tries to make things easier for you, but one way that permeates an assortment of apps is the remembering of passwords. You have probably noticed that you only need to enter the password for a Wi-Fi network once, then the iPad will automatically connect to […]

How to Delete Video Off iPad 2

Once you have learned how to record a video on your iPad 2, it’s a simple task to record nearly anything that you may want to watch again in the future. But recorded video takes up a lot of space, and your iPad has, at most, 64 GB of hard drive storage. So if you […]

How Do You Connect to WiFi On Your iPad 2?

Your iPad 2 can perform a lot of functions, but most of them require you to have an Internet connection. While some iPads have a cellular data connection for which you need to pay a monthly fee, the majority of iPad users will connect to the Internet via a wireless network at home, work or […]

How to Record a Video on the iPad 2

As an iPad owner and user, you are probably aware of many of the capabilities of the device. Aside from having a rear and front-facing camera for still images, it can also record video. But there is no dedicated video camera app on the iPad, which can be a little confusing as you try to […]

How to Delete an App on the iPad 2

There are tons of apps available in Apple’s App Store, and many of them can be downloaded for free. But this can lead to an excessive amount of apps on your iPad, each of which takes up space. So if you are reaching a point where you do not have enough available space on the […]

How to Enable iMessage on the iPad 2

As you’ve been using your iPad 2, you’ve probably downloaded some new apps and learned how to use the ones that came pre-installed on the device. But one app that you might not have had a chance to use yet is the Messages app. This app lets you use the iMessaging feature in iOS that […]

How Do You Zoom in on the iPad 2 Camera

While some people will argue that the iPad 2 is not an ideal device for taking pictures, it still has a functional camera, and you are likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to use that camera instead of the one on your phone, or an actual camera. And while there are […]

How to Delete a Contact on the iPad 2

Creating a new contact on your iPad is a fairly simple process, and affords you a simple method for keeping email addresses and phone numbers of people that you will need to get in touch with in the future. But as your contact list expands, you may find it difficult to locate important contacts, and […]