How to Disable Wallet Access from the iPhone Lock Screen

Apple Pay is a payment method available to some iPhone users which allows you to use your iPhone to make a payment instead of a physical credit card. You can add a card to Apple Pay directly from your device, and it will be added to your iPhone’s Wallet, along with any other cards that […]

How to Turn Off All Vibration in iOS 9

You can be alerted to new notifications on your iPhone via both sounds and vibrations. Vibrations often occur when the iPhone is in silent mode, but can also occur in situations such as emergency alerts. Vibrations can be very useful if your phone is in your pocket, or if you frequently have your phone on […]

How to Turn Off Lowercase Letters on the iOS 9 Keyboard

The iOS 9 update on your iPhone brought about a number of new features and changes. Many of these features are not things that you notice right away. One such feature is that your iPhone is now displaying lowercase keys on your keyboard when appropriate. This can be a helpful change if you had previously […]

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist on an iPhone 6

Many iPhone users have Wi-Fi enabled on their devices all the time. Wi-Fi networks are often faster than cellular networks, and data that you use when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network will not count against the monthly data cap imposed by your cellular provider. So, generally, it is more preferable to be connected […]

How to Enable Low Power Battery Mode on an iPhone 6

Getting more life out of an iPhone battery has long been one of the most common problems for many users. Unfortunately, the more we keep the iPhone screen on, the more battery it consumes. There have been some settings that you can adjust which can help, but Apple never provided a specific setting that could […]

How to Update to iOS 9 on an iPhone 6

The iOS 9 update was released to the general public on September 16, 2015. You can download and install the update over the air, directly from your iPhone. All that you need is to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, have at least 1.2 GB of free storage space, and have a battery with over […]