How to Make My HP Laserjet P2055 Stop Printing an Extra Page

If you’ve followed our instructions in this article about how to fix print spooler problems with your HP Laserjet P2055, then your printer should be properly installed, and you should be familiar with the different methods for fixing common print errors. However, if you are noticing that some print jobs are being printed with an […]

How to Adjust the Print Spooler on the HP Laserjet P2055dn

The print spooler is the application on your computer that manages the documents you have sent to your printer. For example, if you tried to print a document and there were already documents printing, or if the printer was not turned on, then the print spooler would manage the order in which the queued documents […]

HP Laserjet P2035N Review

HP has a ton of different laser printers in their product lineup, and nearly every one of them is specifically directed at a certain type of user. This HP Laserjet P2035N review will address the HP P2035N laser printer, which seems to be designed for heavy office use by individuals that need to print a […]

HP Laserjet p2055dn Driver

An HP Laserjet p2055dn driver is a piece of software that you might find yourself looking for if you have attempted to add the printer to a Windows 7 Homegroup. There are several potential problems that you could encounter when setting up this printer, and many of these problems stem from the perceived usefulness of […]

Update HP Laserjet Firmware

Hewlett Packard (HP) sent out an email on Tuesday, February 28 that anyone with an affected printer should update HP Laserjet firmware as soon as possible. The issue that they describe does not affect every HP Laserjet, but anyone with a device that appears in this table of affected HP Laserjet products should update HP Laserjet […]

Stop HP Laserjet from Printing Status Notifications

Getting an HP Laserjet Printer to function correctly in your computing environment can be a difficult task, depending upon the situation that exists prior to the installation of the printer. This problem can be amplified considerably if, after the printer is set up correctly, you discover that you need to stop the HP Laserjet from […]

How to Set Up HP Laserjet P2055dn in Windows 7 Homegroup

There are many different ways to get the HP Laserjet P2055dn to work on one Windows 7 computer. You can simply connect the printer to your Windows 7 computer, then wait for Windows 7 to add the printer on its’ own. You can install the printer from the included CD, or you can download updated […]