how to print without background google slides

How to Hide the Background When Printing in Google Slides

Formatting your presentation with a background in Google Slides can make it much more visually appealing when giving that presentation on a computer. The addition of colors and patterns often makes your information look better, which will improve the way that your audience evaluates your presentation. But the crispness of visual displays often doesn’t translate … Read more

how to skip a slide in google slides

How to Skip a Slide in Google Slides

Some presentations that you create in Google Slides might need to be slightly different for different audiences. But rather than keep two separate files that you need to be keep updated at the same time, it can be more efficient to have one presentation where you elect to skip slides based on your audience. While … Read more

how to add a new slide in google slides

How to Add a New Slide in Google Slides

While presentations that you create in Google Slides can technically consist of just a single slide, it’s very likely that you will need more than one slide to convey all of the information that your presentation requires. Or maybe you have received a presentation to edit from a colleague, and find that it would be … Read more

how to crop a picture in google slides

How to Crop a Picture in Google Slides

Image cropping used to be something that you needed to perform in an outside program that was specifically designed for editing images. But as the prevalence of digital photographs has dramatically increased the amount of pictures being used in all kinds of documents, it has become much more important for any application that lets you … Read more

how to autoplay video in google slides

How to Set a Video to Autoplay in Google Slides

Updated: December 26, 2018 (Thanks to one of our visitors, Roshan, for letting us know that the previous version of this article had become outdated.) Including a video in your presentation provides something additional for your audience to watch and listen to while you are providing them with information. But including that video on one … Read more