How to Apply a Theme to a Presentation in Google Slides

You can customize slideshows in Google Slides with a lot of different formatting choices. Using the tools available in the application, it is possible to apply almost any effect to your slides that you might want. But a lot of these choices may conflict with one another, making it difficult to create a template, or […]

How to Add a Border to a Picture in Google Slides

When you place a picture in a slide in Google Slides you may think that you have finished that part of your presentation. But as you go back and make adjustments and add some polish to the document, you may find that the picture seems to be missing something, or that it feels out of […]

How to View Your Presentation in Google Slides

You can spend a lot of time creating a presentation in Google Slides. Getting the right look, the right information, and the correct slide order can be a daunting task but, eventually, you will end up with a final presentation that you are excited to give. But after all of that work in creating your […]

How to Print 4 Slides Per Page in Google Slides

Creating and presenting a slideshow is often not the entire picture when you are giving a presentation. Whether it’s for school or for your job, it’s very likely that you will need to provide handouts to everyone attending the presentation, or at least a few people that will need a hard copy of the information […]

How to Crop a Picture in Google Slides

Image cropping used to be something that you needed to perform in an outside program that was specifically designed for editing images. But as the prevalence of digital photographs has dramatically increased the amount of pictures being used in all kinds of documents, it has become much more important for any application that lets you […]

How to Add a Drop Shadow to a Picture in Google Slides

While you can format pictures with a program like Photoshop before you add it to a Google Slides presentation, those programs can be difficult to work with, and some of them are rather expensive. But your presentation might require an effect on your image, which can leave you looking for options to achieve the desired […]

How to Set a Video to Autoplay in Google Slides

Updated: December 26, 2018 (Thanks to one of our visitors, Roshan, for letting us know that the previous version of this article had become outdated.) Including a video in your presentation provides something additional for your audience to watch and listen to while you are providing them with information. But including that video on one […]

How to Insert a YouTube Video Into a Google Slides Presentation

Video is more popular than ever these days as devices and networks have reached a point where streaming is more of a widespread activity. As such, you may be working on a presentation that would be vastly improved with the addition of a video. Fortunately you can easily add videos from YouTube into one of […]

How to Download a Google Slides Presentation as a Powerpoint File

Google applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides have been gaining a lot of popularity as an alternative to comparable Microsoft Office products. They are easy to work with, the file management is simple, and the advanced features make it a powerful tool for a wide range of users. But you might still occasionally encounter situations […]

How to Add Slide Numbers in Google Slides

Google Slides is a great application to use when you need to make a slideshow or presentation for work or school. It’s simple to use, similar to Powerpoint, and the fact that it automatically saves your presentations to Google Drive helps to ensure that you can access them from anywhere with an Internet connection. Occasionally […]