How to Insert a Circle in Google Slides

Slideshow presentations that you create for school or work often require a number of different elements. These could be tables, pictures, or even videos, all of which can be added with the tools in Google Slides. But you might find that you need to add a basic shape to your presentation, and you might be […]

How to Change the Theme in Google Slides

The theme that you use in a presentation can dramatically alter the overall appearance of your content. Great content can appear bland on a boring theme, but the correct theme can make everything look better, and make the presentation seem more professional. It’s possible that you have already applied a theme to your presentation, or […]

How to View Slides as a Grid in Google Slides

The standard view in Google Slides shows the currently-selected slide at the center of the window, and it consumes the majority of your screen space. You can also see a scrollable list of slides at the left side of the window, which allows you to navigate to the slide that you want to edit. Occasionally […]

How to Set a Transition for a Slide in Google Slides

The default behavior of your slides when you are giving a Google Slides presentation is to simply switch between them. But if you have watched other presentations, or if you have used transitions in other presentation software, then you might be curious about adding a more interesting effect as you switch between slides. In Google […]

How to Rotate a Picture in Google Slides

Sometimes a picture that you have, either one that you took with a camera, or one that you found somewhere else, won’t be rotated properly. This is something that you can fix in image-editing programs, but the use of an additional application cab be a little tedious, and you may be looking for an easier […]

How to Recolor a Picture in Google Slides

Is a picture in your slideshow missing something, but you aren’t sure what? While images can be beneficial for the purposes of a presentation, then image that you currently have might not be what you want. You may have considered editing the picture, but that can be time-consuming and involve software that isn’t easy to […]

How to Hide the Background When Printing in Google Slides

Formatting your presentation with a background in Google Slides can make it much more visually appealing when giving that presentation on a computer. The addition of colors and patterns often makes your information look better, which will improve the way that your audience evaluates your presentation. But the crispness of visual displays often doesn’t translate […]

How to Convert a Google Slides File to a PDF

The Google Slides format is great when you are working with other people that use Google Slides, and when you have access to a browser or other application that can work with those files. But occasionally you may encounter a contact or a situation where there Google Slides file may not be accessible or ideal, […]

How to Skip a Slide in Google Slides

Some presentations that you create in Google Slides might need to be slightly different for different audiences. But rather than keep two separate files that you need to be keep updated at the same time, it can be more efficient to have one presentation where you elect to skip slides based on your audience. While […]

How to Add a New Slide in Google Slides

While presentations that you create in Google Slides can technically consist of just a single slide, it’s very likely that you will need more than one slide to convey all of the information that your presentation requires. Or maybe you have received a presentation to edit from a colleague, and find that it would be […]