How to Remove the Dollar Sign in Google Sheets

Properly formatting values in a spreadsheet is an important consideration in making the data easy to interpret for your readers. In the case of monetary values, using a standardized format, specifically one that will always use two decimal places, makes it easier to evaluate a lot of numerical values in a column. But the Google […]

How to Create a Named Range in Google Sheets

Formulas are a fantastic feature in spreadsheet applications that allow you to quickly perform mathematical operations on cells. the nature of these formulas even makes it so that you can change a value in one of those cells, and it will automatically update the result of the formula. Typically you need to define a range […]

How to Use Currency Formatting in Google Sheets

Proper formatting in a spreadsheet can make it much easier for your audience to interpret the data that they are looking at. When the data in a row or column is uniform, it’s easier to spot problems or errors. This is particularly useful when you have monetary values in cells, as some of the values […]

How to Remove Fill Color in Google Sheets

Fill color is a helpful tool for highlighting data in a spreadsheet. It has long been used for a number of purposes in Microsoft Excel, and the Google Sheets application continues that tradition by offering its own tool that you can use for fill color. Whether there’s an entire row, a single cell, or a […]

How to Export a Google Sheets File for Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets is a great, free spreadsheet application that is available to people with Google Accounts. You can create, edit and manipulate data using this powerful program, and you can accomplish many of the things that you might otherwise do in Excel. For example, Google Sheets has the ability to combine multiple cells into one, […]

How to Add Yellow Shading to a Row in Google Sheets

Large spreadsheets can be much easier to manage when you use fill colors to highlight rows that are important, or share similarities. For example, highlighting multiple rows with a yellow fill color could let you highlight good months in a sales report. It draws the attention of the reader without affecting the data in the […]

How to Turn Off Autocomplete in Google Sheets

Autocomplete is a helpful setting in a number of different programs where you might be repeatedly entering the same word. Autocomplete works by recognizing the first few letters that you have typed, seeing that a similar word already exists in the document, then offering that word to you in the form of a blue-highlighted suggestion. […]

How to Insert a Picture In Google Sheets

Google Sheets shares many of the characteristics of Microsoft Excel that have helped to make it such a popular application. Along with the ability to store, sort, and manipulate data, Google Sheets lets you add pictures to your spreadsheets too. But if you are mainly familiar with Excel and new to Google Sheets, you may […]

How to Remove Strikethrough in Google Sheets

Do you have a spreadsheet that contains cells with lines through them? While using this formatting option, called “strikethrough” serves a useful purpose of identifying information as deleted without actually deleting it, you might find that your current needs require the removal of that formatting. Fortunately, just as Google Sheets provides the ability to add […]

How to Left Align a Spreadsheet When Printing in Google Sheets

In many cases a spreadsheet will look better on the printed page if all of the spreadsheet data is aligned at the center of the page. You may even find that merging some of your cells and centering is useful as well. There’s something about centering information on a page that is just more visually […]