How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

The settings in a Web browser are easy to customize, and many of them can be changed so easily that it’s a simple matter to make minor adjustments for a specific page, then change back to your old setting. I do this all the time on Web pages where the text is too small or […]

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a feature where you can choose to save a password for a Web page directly to the browser. You can then return to that Web page and Chrome will automatically fill in the password field with the one that you chose to save. But relying on this can create a situation where you […]

How to Hide the Home Icon in the Toolbar in Google Chrome

The toolbar at the top of the Google Chrome browser contains a number of items that are meant to improve your experience with the browser. You can use the arrows to cycle through the pages in a tab’s history, and you can click the Reload button if you want to refresh your current page. You […]

How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

We repeat these steps below with additional information, as well as pictures for each of the steps. I was recently having a problem in Google Chrome where my mouse was lagging whenever I was trying to click a link or copy text. It was increasingly frustrating, to the point where I was starting to use […]

Set Google Chrome as the Default Browser in Windows 8

Windows 8 is different from previous versions of the Windows operating system, but you still have the option of installing additional browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, if you prefer not to use Internet Explorer. If you did not elect to set Chrome as your default browser when it was first installed, however, you still have […]