how to end a process in google chrome task manager

How to End Google Chrome Tasks with the Chrome Task Manager

While it might seem like the only items that are open in the Google Chrome Web browser are the different tabs that display various Web pages, there are a number of other applications and processes running as well. Occasionally these processes might get stuck, which can cause Chrome to work suboptimally. You can end tasks … Read more

how to remove google chrome extension

How to Remove an Extension from the Google Chrome Desktop Browser

While modern Web browsers have a lot of tools and features built into them by default, like the ability to save passwords, you may want additional functionality that can be offered by extensions. But if you have an extension that didn’t help, or if you aren’t using one anymore, then you may need to know … Read more

how to create a desktop shortcut in google chrome

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website from Google Chrome

While there are a handful of different ways that you can get to websites quickly on your computer, perhaps one of the easiest is still a desktop shortcut. But if you have never made one before, then you may be wondering how to create a desktop shortcut to a website in Chrome. Fortunately it’s possible … Read more

how to remove the hangouts extension from google chrome

How to Uninstall Google Hangouts Extension in Chrome

The Google Hangouts app, which has now been transitioned to Google Chat, was a great way for a large number of people to communicate with one another. But if you want to use the app in Google Chrome, you likely installed an extension in the browser. If you aren’t using Hangouts anymore, then you might … Read more

How to Run the Google Chrome Malware Checker in Windows 10

Google Chrome might have a simple interface, but there is a lot that you can customize when you start exploring all of its various settings. There is even a Chrome malware tool that you can run which will search your computer for potentially harmful applications. Our guide below will show you where to find and … Read more

How Do I Do Private Browsing in Chrome in Windows 10?

Almost every Web browser that you use on your computer or your smartphone has some type of private browsing mode. Unfortunately most of them have their own name for this feature so, if you are coming to Chrome from a different Web browser, then you might be struggling to locate the option that lets you … Read more

how to get a different theme in google chrome

How to Change the Theme in Google Chrome

Have you ever used someone else’s computer, and their Google Chrome looked different than yours? Or do you enjoy customizing the appearance of things on your computer and are looking for a different style? The Google Chrome Web Store includes some different themes that you can install to change the way Chrome looks. Our tutorial … Read more

how to delete saved passwords in google chrome

How to Delete All Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Remembering passwords becomes difficult when you have a high number of accounts spread across multiple websites. These accounts typically have different usernames and passwords, making memorization impractical. There are several options for remembering this information with an application, including the option to save the passwords directly in the Google Chrome browser. But if you are … Read more