How to Stop Google Chrome from Offering to Remember Passwords

With all of the different websites that the average Internet user visits on a regular basis, it’s very common to have a lot of different username and password combinations to remember. Eventually this is difficult to do without any assistance, so it becomes helpful to use technology to remember that information for us. But you […]

How to End a Process in the Google Chrome Task Manager

The Task Manager in the Windows operating system lets you see applications and processes that are currently running on your computer. You may have even opened it before and noticed that you can have several Google Chrome items listed in that application. But Google Chrome has its own, separate version of task manager that you […]

How to Import Bookmarks from Another Browser to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a fast, popular Web browser, and is often recommended when someone is having trouble with another browser. But if you have made the decision to switch to Chrome instead of the other browser that you had been using previously, you might be concerned about accessing the bookmarks that you use to access […]

How to Enter Full Page View in Google Chrome

A lot of the more visual content that you find on the Internet only looks better on a bigger screen. Higher-resolution images and videos reduce the pixelation that happens with low-res content, and you might be interested in making the most out of the screen that you use to consume pages on the Web. When […]

How to Enable Google Chrome Prompt for Download Location

The process of downloading a file in Google Chrome is fairly straightforward. You go to a Web page with a link for the download, you click it, then the downloading file displays in a horizontal bar at the bottom of the Chrome window. You can then click that file to open it. But these files […]

How to Use a Bigger Default Font Size in Google Chrome

Most of the applications that you use on your computer will have a default font size. This is meant to be the best text size for fitting a lot of information on your screen, while still making that information legible. But you may find that the text is too small or too large, and that […]

How to Turn Off Prediction for Searches and URLs in the Google Chrome Address Bar

The address bar at the top of the window in Google Chrome is where you can type the URL for a Web page and be taken to that page. But it is more than that, and is also where you can enter a search term to find something. It will even offer search or Web […]

How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

The settings in a Web browser are easy to customize, and many of them can be changed so easily that it’s a simple matter to make minor adjustments for a specific page, then change back to your old setting. I do this all the time on Web pages where the text is too small or […]

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a feature where you can choose to save a password for a Web page directly to the browser. You can then return to that Web page and Chrome will automatically fill in the password field with the one that you chose to save. But relying on this can create a situation where you […]

How to Hide the Home Icon in the Toolbar in Google Chrome

The toolbar at the top of the Google Chrome browser contains a number of items that are meant to improve your experience with the browser. You can use the arrows to cycle through the pages in a tab’s history, and you can click the Reload button if you want to refresh your current page. You […]