How to Change the Size of a Cell in Excel 2010

Cells in Microsoft Excel 2010 have a default size of 8.43 characters wide by 15 points high. This size is ideal for many situations, but you will eventually encounter a piece of information that will not fit within these default parameters. Fortunately you can choose to make any cell either smaller or larger to accommodate […]

How to Open CSV Files with Excel by Default

Last updated: March 3, 2017 You may have decided that you want to open CSV files in Microsoft Excel by default if you find that double-clicking those files is causing them to open in another program. The typical default setting usually has CSV files opening in Notepad but, as the data layout for many .csv […]

How to Convert CSV to Excel 2010

The Excel 2010 file format, .xlsx, is capable of storing multiple sheets within the workbook that you have created. Using multiple sheets in one workbook is the ideal solution when you have a lot of different spreadsheets that are all related to the same topic and you want to access all of that data without […]

Microsoft Excel Skills to Know When Job Hunting

If you are just entering the job market, or if you are looking to make a career change, then you have probably determined that a lot of the available jobs require some kind of computer training. The actual extent of the necessary skills are going to vary wildly depending upon the type of job you […]

Printing Cell Borders in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010’s default setup is ideally suited for viewing on a computer screen. The interface is clean and easy to understand, and you can generally infer from the different menus what you need to do to make your desired changes. However, the default settings for printed Excel spreadsheets are not as perfect as they […]

Display More Decimal Places in Excel 2010

Last updated: March 2, 2017 Learning how to increase the number of decimal place in Excel 2010 is important for anyone that is working with spreadsheets where two decimal places is an insufficient level of detail. Excel often rounds numbers to that number of decimal places, which is a problem for the type of data […]

How to Stop Excel 2010 from Changing Numbers to Dates

Excel 2010 is such a popular program because of the scope of problems it is able to solve. You can use it for so many different tasks that it is difficult to really describe the program as being primarily suited for any one task. An unfortunate side effect of this diversity, however, is that Excel […]

How to Change Horizontal Axis Labels in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is a very helpful tool for organizing and displaying data. While most users might not take full advantage of the features that the program has to offer, there are some exciting tools, like charts and graphs, that you can quickly create. These charts will be automatically generated from the data that you […]

How to Clear Rules From Entire Sheet in Excel 2010

Different people use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for different things, and many users find their own ways to achieve their desired results. One commonly used aspect of Microsoft Excel 2010 is conditional formatting, which allows you to change elements and formatting rules for a specific cell or set of cells based upon values in another cell. […]

How to Keep the Top Row Visible in Excel 2010

Viewing a lot of data in Microsoft Excel 2010 can be very frustrating. As good as Excel is at a lot of things, this is one aspect that can drive you crazy, particularly when dealing with spreadsheets that extend far off the visible screen. Even more annoying is when you have a lot of columns […]