Copy Cell Formatting from One Cell to Another in Excel 2010

Cell formatting, much like the formulas that you use within those cells, is an important element of how data in an Excel 2010 spreadsheet is presented. But if a lot of formatting changes have been applied to a cell, it can be difficult to determine how to manually replicate all of them. This is especially […]

How to Delete Cell Contents in Excel 2010

Sometimes you no longer need the data that is entered into a cell. Whether the data is incorrect, or it has been updated, there are many reasons why you might need to delete information that already exists in your spreadsheet. But there are several different ways that you can delete data in a cell, and […]

How to Select Non-Adjacent Cells in Excel 2010

Last updated: March 8, 2019 If you have been using Microsoft Excel for at least a short amount of time, then you have probably encountered a situation where you needed to select a cell. Whether you wanted to format that cell, delete the contents, or copy something, there are many tasks that first require a […]

How to Unhide the Formula Bar in Excel 2010

There are many different elements that make up the layout of a Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheet, but some people prefer not to use all of them. In some instances these elements can be hidden from view if the person working on the file deems them to be distracting or unnecessary. These settings often remain associated […]

How to Display a Formula Result in a Text Box in Excel 2010

Last updated: December 28, 2016 A text box in Microsoft Excel provides an option for displaying text which can be moved to nearly any location on your spreadsheet. You may have tried to enter a formula into a text box, only to find that the results of the formula will not calculate. Unfortunately an Excel […]

How to Copy a Worksheet to Its’ Own Workbook in Excel 2010

When you work with Excel 2010 often for work or school, you may eventually find that you are using the same data over and over again. When this occurs, you can find that you are copying and pasting a lot of data between old files and new ones. If your important data exists in only […]

How to Unhide Everything in Excel 2010

Hiding rows, columns or worksheets in Microsoft Excel is an effective way to stop displaying information in your spreadsheet without deleting it. Whether this is done to make the file appear more presentable, to hide important cells from people that might mistakenly change or delete them, or to simplify the presentation of specific bits of […]

How to Delete an Entire Row in Excel 2010

A well-crafted spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2010 can be useful for a lot of different situations. This is frequently due to the spreadsheet being laid out well and containing a lot of useful or important data. But every situation may not require all of the data contained in the spreadsheet, so you may need to […]

How to Move a Row in Excel 2010

Last updated: January 26, 2017 Learning how to move a row in Excel 2010 is a good way to quickly adjust the layout of the data in an Excel worksheet. Data isn’t always in its ideal spot when you first add it to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2010, so it is not uncommon to […]

Why Is Excel 2010 Showing the Formulas Instead of the Answers?

Last updated: February 2, 2017 You may discover that you need Excel to show results instead of formulas when you enter a formula that remains visible. An Excel spreadsheet can quickly be modified so that the settings and formatting are very different from how they would be on a new, blank worksheet. If you are […]