How to Switch to White Cell Background Color in Excel 2010

Customizing an Excel spreadsheet can make it easier to read. This is especially true of large spreadsheets that contain rows and columns of very similar data. One way that people like to simplify data organization is by using cell fill colors to indicate that certain types of data are related or similar. But if you […]

How to Insert a Background Picture in Excel 2010

If you frequently interact with Excel documents created by other people, especially people that spend a lot of their day customizing and creating spreadsheets, then you have probably seen a lot of cool effects and edits that help the spreadsheet look more professional. One way that this can be accomplished is by adding a picture […]

How to Save as a PDF in Excel 2010

Excel files are great for comparing and organizing data, but you may encounter situations where someone you are working with either requests a PDF file, or your workflow dictates that a PDF file is more useful. There are thrid-party applications that can generate and convert Excel files to the PDF file format, but Excel 2010 […]

How to Make the Header Bigger in Excel 2010

Many people who need to create a document with a table will choose to use Microsoft Word. The reasoning is simple; if you have some data that belongs in a table and some data that doesn’t, it is simpler to insert a table in Word than it is to merge and resize cells in Excel. […]

How to Change a Header in Excel 2010

A header is a very important part of a spreadsheet because it allows you to put important information at the top of the page without adjusting the cells. The header is also displayed on every page, which helps to organize the individual sheets of a multi-page document. But if you haven’t created a header in […]

How Do You Add Page Numbers in Excel 2010

An Excel spreadsheet that is printed with the default settings can be a bit of a nightmare to use. It is probably lacking gridlines, might have some unfortunate clipping that leads to disconnected cells, and becomes very difficult to read once you get to the second page. While there are several ways that you can […]