How to Download a File to Your iPhone 5 from the Dropbox App

If you have an iPhone 5 and a Dropbox account, then hopefully you already know about the convenience of automatically uploading pictures from your iPhone to Dropbox. But the Dropbox app and service are much more than a picture uploader; you can also take advantage of the file syncing to download and store files so […]

How to Easily Copy Files from Dropbox to SkyDrive

Cloud storage accounts, like Dropbox and SkyDrive, are great for keeping your files in a location where you can easily access them. Unfortunately, though, uploading and downloading files from the browser interface can be a bit of a hassle. However, if you are moving files between a Dropbox account and a SkyDrive account, there is […]

Configure iPad Dropbox App to Automatically Upload Pictures

The best part of using a Dropbox account is the fact that you can access the files in that account from anywhere that has Internet access. You can really take advantage of that fact by immediately uploading files from your computer, phone or tablet to Dropbox so that the file is there if you need […]

Move the Dropbox Folder Location on Your PC

Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage application, and one of the reasons for this popularity is because of the number of devices on which your account can be accessed. In most cases this can be performed using an application designed specifically for the device that you are using. Your Windows PC is no exception, […]