How to Connect to a Wireless Network with the Apple TV

When you initially set up your Apple TV, part of the setup process involved connecting to a wireless network. But if you get a new router, or if you want to use the Apple TV somewhere else, then you will need to be able to connect it to a different network. The menus on the […]

How to Use AirPlay in iOS 7 on the iPhone 5

There is a lot of competition in the set-top box market between the Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and a few others. Most offer ways to watch content from Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go, so it is difficult for one device to stand out. The Apple TV has an awesome feature, however, called AirPlay that can […]

How to Restart the Apple TV

Most electronics cannot go forever without needing to be restarted. Processes get stuck, updates don’t install correctly, and sometimes they just need to be refreshed. Set-top streaming boxes like the Apple TV do an impressive job of managing their on-time, and can get by for a while by simply going to sleep when not in […]

How to Block Purchases and Rentals on the Apple TV

Most of Apple’s devices, including the Apple TV, make it very simple for you to purchase songs, movies or TV show episodes. This convenience is great when you are the one making purchases on your account, but can be frustrating if others are doing it. Fortunately you can set restrictions on your Apple TV that […]

Watch an iPad Movie on Your TV

Digital movies are great because they can usually be watched on a number of different devices. It isn’t always easy to watch them directly on your TV, however, and usually requires you to have a special cable or electronic gadget. So if you are interested in watching a movie that you have on your iPad […]

Cheaper Alternatives to the Apple TV

The Apple TV is part of a class of electronic devices called set-top streaming boxes. These are devices that you can connect to your TV that allow you to stream digital videos from the Internet to your television. These have become increasingly popular as services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime have increased their […]

How to AirPlay a Video from the iPad

The Apple TV is an awesome little device that is going to give you a lot of new ways to watch movies and TV shows on your television. But perhaps one of the best reasons to purchase an Apple TV is the compatibility that it offers with other Apple products like the iPad. You can […]

How to Stop the Apple TV from Going to Sleep

Set-top streaming boxes, such as the Apple TV, are devices that are always connected to your TV. They allow you to stream videos from the Internet through services like Netflix or Hulu. Many of these devices do not have power switches or the ability to turn them off, so they rely on timers that put […]

How to Update the Apple TV

The Apple TV, like most other electronics devices, includes software that allows you to control what is happening on the device. As new bugs or features are added or discovered, then Apple will occasionally release updates that improve the Apple TV. Many new features are not available on the Apple TV until an available update […]

What is a Set-Top Streaming Box?

The Internet has changed the way that we consume media like music and movies. Less and less people are relying on physical CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays and are switching to digital media that is either stored on their computer hard drives, or is streamed over the Web. This has led to an increase in popularity […]