How to Save Individual Pages from a PDF in Acrobat 11

Last updated: February 20, 2017 You may discover that you need to know how to save individual pages from a PDF if you have a very large, or sensitive PDF file, but there is one specific page that you need to send to a contact. Combining multiple pages into one PDF file can be an […]

Convert PDF to Excel with Acrobat

PDF files are a popular form for sending data because the formatting will remain intact, regardless of which PDF-compatible program is used to open the file. However, the popularity of PDF forms has forced many people into the habit of sending files that would be better transmitted as a different file type, such as an […]

Convert Each Page of a Multi-Page PDF to An Individual File

In many instances, having multiple images or multiple documents combined into one file can be a convenience. However, if you need to perform certain tasks, it may be necessary to split the file into multiple files. This can be accomplished with Adobe Acrobat X Standard. Upon performing the necessary steps you will ultimately have a […]