How to Restrict the Camera on the iPad 2

Many of the apps on your iPad cannot be removed. These are the default apps on the device, and they will not have an x on them that allows them to be uninstalled in the same way as an app that you install through the App Store. But certain apps can be disabled on an iPad, including the Camera.

Our tutorial below will show you how to use a feature that can block the functionality of some iPad features, and can completely disable others.


Disable Camera Usage on an iPad

The steps in this article were performed on an iPad 2, in iOS 9.3. These steps will work for other iPad models as well. This method does not remove the Camera or its functionality from the iPad, nor does it uninstall the Camera app.

We will be using a feature on the iPad called “Restrictions” which allows you to block certain functionality on the iPad. You will need to set up a Restrictions passcode during this process. The passcode can be different than the one that you currently use to unlock your iPad, but be aware that you must remember this password if you want to make any changes to the Restrictions settings in the future.

Step 1: Open the iPad Settings menu.

disable camera on ipad



Step 2: Select General in the column at the left side of the screen.

restrict access to iPad camera



Step 3: Select the Restrictions option in the column at the right side of the screen.

stop someone from using camera on ipad



Step 4: Tap the blue Enable Restrictions button at the top of the right column.

turning off the iPad camera



Step 5: Create a passcode for the Restrictions menu.

can I delete the camera on an iPad



Step 6: Enter the Restrictions passcode again to confirm it.

how to shut off the camera in ios 9



Step 7: Tap the button to the right of Camera to disable the camera on your iPad. It is disabled when there is no green shading around the button. I have restricted the iPad camera in the picture below.

remove the iPad camera app icon



Note that this will remove the Camera app icon from the Home screen until you choose to re-enable the feature. Additionally, any apps that require or can use the Camera will be unable to do so.

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