How to Ride the Septa Regional Rail

Septa Regional rail

The first time I tried to take the Regional Rail (or train, as many Philadelphians will call it), I was a little intimidated. The train map is confusing and, once you actually get to one of the outlying stations, there is not a lot of information … [Continue reading]

How to Change Video Aspect Ratio in Windows 7

Select your desired Windows Live Movie Maker aspect ratio

After you have downloaded and installed Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows 7, you can begin to make adjustments to the videos on your computer. If you have not yet installed this free program, you can follow the instructions in this article. One … [Continue reading]

How to Burn Multiple Disc Copies For Free

Download ImgBurn

Recently I encountered a situation where I needed to burn 100 copies of the same data to a DVD. If you are like me and typically only burn one copy of a disc at a time, then performing the same mind-numbing, repetitive task for hours might seem like … [Continue reading]

Convert Each Page of a Multi-Page PDF to An Individual File

Click Save As, click Image, then click PNG

In many instances, having multiple images or multiple documents combined into one file can be a convenience. However, if you need to perform certain tasks, it may be necessary to split the file into multiple files. This can be accomplished with Adobe … [Continue reading]

Editing Video for Free With Windows 7

Selectively Choose Windows Live Essentials programs to install

There is a program that you can download to your Windows 7 computer called Windows Live Movie Maker. It is a part of Windows Live Essentials and features some basic tools for editing video that you have downloaded or recorded. Once you have … [Continue reading]

How to Automate the Same Change to Multiple Images in Photoshop CS 5.5

Run Automated Batch Photoshop action

Performing the same Photoshop task over and over again can be very annoying, particularly if it's a simple task, such as rotating an image. This is especially true of tasks for which there is no keyboard shortcut, essentially forcing you into … [Continue reading]

Fixing Outlook After Switching Internet Service Providers

Click the Advanced tab, then change to port 587

Typically when you switch Internet Service Providers (ISPs) there is little to do aside from replacing a modem and sending your money to a different place. However, there can also be an unfortunate side effect that prevents you from sending email … [Continue reading]

Reinstall the Dell Dock

Download the Dell Dock

After you've finished removing all of the unwanted programs, icons and settings from your new Dell computer, you might realize that you have inadvertently removed a feature that you really liked, such as the Dell Dock. This is an easy mistake to … [Continue reading]

Sign Up For a Hosting Plan

After you have selected and registered a domain, you then need to set up a Web hosting plan where you can upload, store and host the files for your website. There are many different possible hosting providers, many of whom provide a good service that … [Continue reading]

Find an Available Domain For Your New Blog

Use Yahoo Domain Search

So you've decided to start writing your own blog and you are figuring out what you need to do to get started. The first thing you need to do is find the domain where your visitors will go to find your posts. Many domains are already taken, but you … [Continue reading]