Merge CSV Files Into One Large CSV File In Windows 7

Type the code to create the combined CSV file

If you regularly download CSV files from a database, or receive a number of CSV files containing similar information, you might need to combine all of those files into one larger file. The ability to merge CSV files automatically can be a big time … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Transparent TGA File For Free

download GIMP

You can download GIMP, a powerful, free image-editing program, to create a number of different file types not available with default Windows 7 tools. This includes "TGA" files, which are popular for their ability to store … [Continue reading]

How to Delay Message Delivery in Outlook 2010

Click Delay Delivery

Occasionally when using Outlook to send email messages, you may encounter a situation where you need to delay message delivery in Outlook 2010. Outlook includes a "Delay Delivery" feature that makes this possible. Whether the content of the message … [Continue reading]