How to Backup Outlook 2010

backup outlook 2010 using the import export tool

Last updated: January 5, 2017 It's important to know how to backup Outlook 2010 if it is your primary method for storing emails and communicating with your contacts. This is especially true if you've done a lot of customization (such as the … [Continue reading]

Remove Old Printer Drivers

remove old printer drivers that you do not use anymore

If you have been using the same computer for a while, or if you have recently cycled through printer installations, then you probably have some printer drivers on your computer. Even if you have gone through the hassle of using the Remove Device … [Continue reading]

Location of PST File

find the location of pst file on the account settings menu

Switching computers or backing up the files on your computer requires you to locate and copy the files that are important to you. As an Outlook user, there are probably not a lot of files on your computer that are more important than your Outlook PST … [Continue reading]

Backup Outlook Contacts

you can backup everything in Outlook, not your your Outlook contacts

The information that you have stored in your email inbox can be pretty valuable, particularly if you use that email address for work purposes. While you may have a system in progress to backup your email messages, have you implemented a system to … [Continue reading]

Burn Multiple Copies of a Disc

add files and folders to burn multiple copies of a disc

The native function in Windows 7 for burning CDs and DVDs has come a long way from the disc-burning utilities in Windows XP and Windows Vista, but it is still not as full-featured as many of the third-party programs that are available in the … [Continue reading]

Fit a Spreadsheet on One Page

Excel print options

Working with a large spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2010 can be a bit of a challenge when you are not able to view the entire spreadsheet on your monitor at one time. However, trying to fit a spreadsheet on one page in Microsoft Excel 2010 when you … [Continue reading]

What is the Windows 7 Video Editor Called?

windows 7 video editing interface

Last updated: February 20, 2017 You might be looking for a Windows 7 video editor if you have a video file that you need to modify. Whether you have an iPhone video that you need to rotate, or you want to speed up a video clip that might move a … [Continue reading]

Windows 7 Default ZIP Program

use command prompt to set windows 7 default zip program

Last updated: December 30, 2016 You might be looking for a Windows zip program if you are currently unable to interact with .zip files on your computer, or if you need to do something with .zip files that isn't possible with the default Windows … [Continue reading]

SkyDrive Folder in Windows 7

get the skydrive folder in windows 7

Microsoft has recently made some updates to their SkyDrive online storage option that makes the service much easier to work with. In addition to offering more free storage than most of the other popular cloud storage services, you can now get a … [Continue reading]

Set Gmail as Default in Chrome

use the send from gmail extension to set gmail as default

Once you make the switch to Gmail for your primary email account, you will eventually realize how effective an email program it is. Additionally, if you are also using Google Chrome as your default Web browser, they you might want to set Gmail as the … [Continue reading]