How to Keep the Top Row Visible in Excel 2010

keep top row visible in excel 2010 spreadsheet

Viewing a lot of data in Microsoft Excel 2010 can be very frustrating. As good as Excel is at a lot of things, this is one aspect that can drive you crazy, particularly when dealing with spreadsheets that extend far off the visible screen. Even more … [Continue reading]

How Do I Get Windows Explorer to Display Details By Default

how to get windows explorer to display details by default

Windows 7 provides you with a lot of choices for how you display files within your folders in Windows Explorer. While the default icon view might be preferable for some individuals, there are others that want to see as many files in their folder as … [Continue reading]

How to Change Windows Explorer Default Folder

open the Properties menu of the Windows Explorer taskbar icon

Your Windows 7 computer uses an organizational structure that consists of files that are stored within folders. This serves the purpose of making it simple to reference the location of a specific item so that you can locate it as easily as possible. … [Continue reading]

How Can I Get an Old Printer to Print With a New Computer

Everyone loves the idea and process of getting a new computer. Being able to do exciting new things, at a much faster rate, is something that makes even light computer users giddy. However, it is rare that this same enthusiasm extends toward a new … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Windows 7 From Opening a Link in Microsoft Word

open the default programs menu

Your Windows 7 computer, when brand new, included a default set of programs and configurations that it used to handle specific file types and protocols. However, over time, as you install new programs and make changes to your computer, those initial … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Norton 360 From Blocking a Program

program rules tab of the firewall menu

Norton 360 is a great choice as a security program for your computer because of the comprehensive utilities that it incorporates into your system. And, as an added bonus, most of the utilities are automated and will require little intervention from … [Continue reading]

How to Make a GIF Folder

how to make a gif folder

If you find yourself with a number of GIF files that you have either created or downloaded from the Internet, then it may be difficult to keep track of them. Additionally, if you are creating those files for a specific reason, such as if you want to … [Continue reading]

Remove Chrome Most Visited

remove chrome most visited sites

The Google Chrome Web browser is becoming a very popular alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, due mainly to its' excellent performance and its' seamless integration with your Google Account. However, the methods for performing common tasks … [Continue reading]

How to Edit Startup Programs – Windows 7

launch the system configuration menu to access your startup programs menu

Many of the programs that you install on your computer include a couple of settings that you may not care about or realize you are activating. These settings include the placement of a Desktop icon for that program, and starting up the program … [Continue reading]

How to Repeat Rows in Excel 2010

how to repeat rows in excel 2010

Last updated: March 7, 2017 Learning how to get your Excel rows to repeat at the top of the page is a struggle for anyone that prints or receives a large spreadsheet and finds it difficult to associate a cell of data with the proper column. Many … [Continue reading]