How to Archive the Calendar in Outlook 2010

archive the outlook 2010 calendar by choosing your preferred archiving options

Older versions of Microsoft Outlook suffered from a performance decrease as the size of the Outlook file would increase. As a result, an archiving feature exists in Microsoft Outlook 2010 that you can use to archive old files, such as old emails, … [Continue reading]

My Dock Doesn’t Show Up On My Dell Computer When I Turn it On

set the dell dock as a startup program

Most Dell computers include a default program called the Dell Dock. It is a floating set of icons on the Windows 7 desktop that you can use to organize your commonly used shortcuts, allowing you to reduce the clutter of too many icons on your … [Continue reading]

How to Choose Where My Downloads Go in Mozilla Firefox

change firefox download settings

While the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser that is included by default on your Windows 7 computer is a capable solution, many individuals have found that they prefer to use a third-party browser. Whether this is at the recommendation of a … [Continue reading]

How to Choose What Program Opens When I Click a Link in Outlook

set default browser for when you click an outlook link

After you have installed Microsoft Outlook on your Windows Vista computer and configured it to use an email address of your choosing, you will begin receiving messages in your Inbox. These messages will consist of a combination of text and media … [Continue reading]

Add a License to Norton 360

you have successfully added a license to norton 360

Norton 360 is a very powerful utility for protecting your computer from the dangers of the Internet. When you install Norton 360, you are given access to a number of different tools, including an active anti-virus program, a firewall, free online … [Continue reading]

Combine CSV Files

combine csv files into one large csv file

Many web-based applications and utilities rely upon data that is stored in databases. This data can then be used to populate reports and display information that is requested by a user of that application. Some of these applications even allow you to … [Continue reading]

Crashplan – Remove Computer

crashplan remove computer menu

If you have installed CrashPlan on your computer to manage all of the backups for your computers, then you know how simple and effective the program is. One of the most appealing elements of CrashPlan is its' ability to take over the backup process … [Continue reading]

How to Backup Outlook 2010

backup outlook 2010 using the import export tool

Last updated: January 5, 2017 It's important to know how to backup Outlook 2010 if it is your primary method for storing emails and communicating with your contacts. This is especially true if you've done a lot of customization (such as the … [Continue reading]

Remove Old Printer Drivers

remove old printer drivers that you do not use anymore

If you have been using the same computer for a while, or if you have recently cycled through printer installations, then you probably have some printer drivers on your computer. Even if you have gone through the hassle of using the Remove Device … [Continue reading]

Location of PST File

find the location of pst file on the account settings menu

Switching computers or backing up the files on your computer requires you to locate and copy the files that are important to you. As an Outlook user, there are probably not a lot of files on your computer that are more important than your Outlook PST … [Continue reading]