Google Chrome PageSpeed

run Google Chrome PageSpeed

An important aspect of how Google rates your website is the speed at which it loads. If your site loads faster, then Google will determine that it provides a better user experience and the page will be given a higher ranking in Google's search engine … [Continue reading]

Norton 360 Firewall Settings

the firewall menu contains options to configure norton 360 firewall settings

When you purchase and install a full computer protection suite, like Norton 360, it comes with many more options for protecting your computer than a simple anti-virus program. Norton 360 includes a utility that will clean up unnecessary files from … [Continue reading]

Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5

open the animation window where you will configure your animated GIF in Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a powerful image editing program that you can use to create or edit almost any type of image for which you might have a need. Photoshop CS5 is particularly adept, however, at creating images meant to be placed online, such as … [Continue reading]

Add New Icons to Windows 7 Desktop

add new icons to desktop for frequently used files

There are many different ways that you can use your computer, and it is hard to say that the particular way that a person accesses and opens files and programs is correct or incorrect. However, one fairly common thing for most users is to add new … [Continue reading]

Scan With Canon Pixma MX340

scan with canon pixma mx340 using the canon mp navigator program

Once you have set up your new wireless all in one printer, you will want to test it out. However, if you want to wirelessly scan with Canon Pixma MX340, then you may be wondering how to go about initiating and saving scans to your computer. … [Continue reading]

Borders for Word Documents

open the borders for word documents menu from the page background section

If you are looking for ways to add page borders for Word documents, then you are likely trying to visually improve your Microsoft Word documents so that they stand out among a sea of documents that consist only of black text on a white background. … [Continue reading]

Transfer Books to the iPad Kindle App

transfer books to the iPad Kindle app

The existence of Amazon's Kindle application on a number of different devices has made purchasing Kindle books from Amazon an appealing reading alternative. However, while Amazon has a very impressive collection of books available in their store, … [Continue reading]

Change iCloud Settings

change iCloud settings for the options listed

So you've updated your iPhone, your iPad and your iPod touch to the most current version of the iOS software, and it has given you the ability to start taking advantage of the free 5 GB of iCloud storage that Apple gives you. This 5 GB of storage is … [Continue reading]

Configure iCloud on a Windows PC

enter your Apple ID to configure iCloud on a Windows PC

Using the cloud to back up your files is a smart way to ensure that important files, such as documents and pictures, are not lost in the event of hard drive crash or a laptop theft. More and more companies are getting into the cloud storage business … [Continue reading]

Copy Video from Disc to iTunes

Click the Start button to copy video from disc to iTunes

As people are focused more and more on moving to a completely digital lifestyle, it's becoming apparent that physical media options, like CDs and DVDs, are becoming obsolete. However, many of the video files and movies that we have created or watched … [Continue reading]